13 August 2010

don't worry, eat happy

What a year this one was! Aye, aye, aye.

Cleaning out more files... 
Found this video when I was a good 50 pounds heavier.
One year ago in late August, 2009. 
This was after 5 months of LoCarb -
My first 30ish pounds off.
Prancing around the kitchen, singing and lip sinking 
Like a  ..............   (fill in the blank!)

Wanted to post it at the time, 
but someone else posted something similar.
So I ditched it - just now found it and edited it  - all for fun!
I probably had 2 hours of videos footage - or more.
Here's me, just trying to sing this one song.
Don't worry - be happy.

So I took my own advice!
Beats (let's just say) the alternative!
I sure went through a long, miserable 
(...is that the word?)  and jealous phase...
[I'm no longer jealous of anyone! 
No reason to be jealous in the first place.
I let it go - and I'm much less miserable!]

All that (drinking, redbull, etc) and stuff 
is behind me now.... bit by bit.
And I sleep all night with no problems.
Because I am learning to forgive myself - 
What ever that means.
Nobody can say I didn't try.

Don't Worry, Eat Happy
August 2009
It's all good!
Just Be - Happily!


  1. Wow, almost like you lost a person,. Nice !!

  2. Great job, Anne! Loved the clapping tuna cans towards the end. And at the nearly very end, when you pull you adjusted your shirt-- I could see how big it was and how much weight you'd lost at that point ;-)

    You sure looked like you were taking your own advice in this video-- Very HAPPY. You made me smile.

    Onward! xo jj

  3. Allan - You are right - I did lose a person!

    JJ - This was about the happiest I had ever been in my life.
    It's un-disputable - you can actually see it in my eyes!

  4. Okay, when I lose more weight, I want even just HALF the energy you had in that video, Anne!! It was fun to watch!

  5. You rocked that one! I love the big difference. That shirt would be a tent on you now.

  6. I know, right?
    That is the very shirt I use now when I go camping.
    Room for two!
    Thanks! :D

  7. Good going, Anne.

    You are a hoot. I can see you can entertain yourself well too (lol).

  8. I know I have missed so many postings as you are so prolific. Glad I went back to check this one out. Only you can play with your food and it be completely adorable. The snapping carrots and tuna cans made me laugh out loud. I'm a smiling now. Thanks


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