25 August 2010

behind the scenes

It's not always possible to know what other people are thinking.

Sometimes I tend to think the worst... even with no good reason

What people really think might just surprise you!
It's not always bad news.

YouTube Video
Spider Pig
The Simpsons
Hope you are having a great week
sorting it all out - the good, the bad,
and all points in-between!


  1. LOL - Spider Pig rules... so do you :-)

  2. wait - so then people aren't always thinking about my fatness?
    :) it's easy to think so sometimes.
    i love your smile in that second photo. you look so happy!

  3. Thanks!
    That second pic was about one year ago...
    Right before I went on vacation.
    I was giddy with excitement!
    Despite being quote unquote heavy.

  4. You just made me laugh my ass off before i go to bed :)

  5. My husband loves Spider Pig....me...okay, it's funny.

  6. Anne, that is just too cute, have you gotten my email. hope you are well and keep up the great job, take care.

  7. Funny thing, and it must be because of your position and career, but you know deep down that the clouds of words were probably closer in thought to: "Jello again", and "Did I just poop myself" and the unfortunate "My kids never visit", to the scary "Where are my undies". The list could go on..

  8. I'm adopting the motto: What other people might think of me is none of my business! Saves me TONS of grief!

    Have a fabulous Thursday, fabulous Anne!

  9. That is funny. We cannot know what other people are thinking, even if we watch their eyes and their facial expressions like a hawk. Sometimes hubby and I get it wrong what the other is thinking and we think we know each other so well. Ha. Thank goodness being a mind reader is not in the job description of spouse. Big relief.

  10. I enjoy the behind the scenes look or bloopers. Something so real about that...feels almost forgiving. Laughter and kindness go such a long way.

    Go Spider PIg!

  11. People are usually so caught up in their own issues, they don't have the time or inclination to pay that much attention to what others are doing. Funny post!

  12. I have a problem with thinking that people are thinking fat things about me. Hate that. I'd rather imagine them singing Spider Pig, which I sing way too much around here inserting various lyrics.
    "Stupid dog. Stupid dog. Does whatever stupid dog does."

    "Messy house. Messy house. Just sits there being a messy house."
    You get the idea. :)


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