30 August 2010

scarf face

She'll scarf down anything to feed her face!
Say "goodbye" to my little  friend!

You got the money? 
Sure, you got the stuff?
Bring the stuff!
No, no. First the money, then the stuff....


That's pretty good stuff, Tootsie.
You're on a roll. Smoking!
Better hide it from the neighbors.
They might think it's a bake sale.
Smells like someone's baking a chocolate cake!

Yo - these better not be cut with no nuts - got it?
I want chocolate. Pure and unadulterated.
Grams and grams of chocolate.
Win the "Grammy" awards. Gimmie the grammy!

What other stuff you got?
Bring the stuff! Yay!

Don't mess with me. You mess with me, you messing with the best!

Bring more stuff! Very thirsty here.

Coca Cola Red Label. Classic Stuff.
C-O-L-A cola.....Lolo lolo Lola
What you lookin' at?
You need people like me.
You need people like me so you can point your skinny fingers 
and say "That's the fatty!"
... Me - I don't have that problem.
Me - I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

So say good night to the fatty. Come on!
The last time you gonna see a fatty like this again, let me tell you.
Make way for the fatty!
Fatty coming through! Better get outta the way!

Nothing exceeds like excess!

With all the usual fontleroy and apologies to .....well, you know.


  1. LOL You are a CRAZY WOMAN!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Crazy but fun! Love the donut sugar on your face!

  3. Hey ah like ah whatta ya gonna do with all this a stuff, I should check a my mail, see maybe a tootsie roll is waiting for me and we can have a stogie together, what da ya say. I watched 3 Godfathers on the weekend. Itsa very sad, but hey......I do agree you are a crazy woman. hugs.

  4. Okay, that was too funny! You REALLY need to be involved in community theatre, Anne. Maybe squeeze that in, between work and belly dancing lessons? Anyway, thanks for the giggle. Now, put down the chocolate, and back sloooooowly away from the coke, and no one will be hurt ...

  5. hee heee heeeee--they have a 12 step group for the donut powdery stuff


  6. OMG, I am so glad I found you. LOL!

  7. you are so weird yet I love it. What does that make me?

  8. Totally awesome...how to get into the mind of Anne...hmmm...

  9. Come on in - you'll be in good company here!
    The point to the story (of course) is that my/our
    food choices are no different than what we call "junk"
    Crack Food, etc. Just with a little twist.

    And by the way - I broke out into a mild sweat
    just handling all these "goodies" for the pictures!
    The powder, the chocolate...
    The power and the glory, I guess!

  10. I hope you tossed those props away when you were done with the photo op, Anne. What DO you do to relieve stress (that you can write about on a public blog)? And no - THAT stuff in your photos are NOT options.

  11. Oh my...this is great stuff. I love your messages!

  12. To re-live..... er uh, relieve stress - I blog!
    Walking helps.
    Right now I sleep alot from last weeks heat injury.
    I tossed the props without so much as a swallow.
    I don't have any more bad habits left to get rid of!
    Except I need to clean my apartment...
    But I forgave myself in advance for that one.

  13. Oh, Anne, how torturous and just to make a point. We in Blogland appreciate it though. And Scarf Face - I really do think you missed your calling.

  14. Anne, Anne, Anne - you are one of the best parts of my day! A crazy lady like me!
    Glad you threw out the props - Keep me laughing!

    Hugs to you...

  15. I absolutely love scarf face :) Rather you than me next to that stuff!!

  16. hehehe You are so talented. love it! :)

  17. Those donuts...I could never be trusted around them. They are my crack.

    You are so creative!!

  18. I gave you an award, just my way of saying thank you

  19. Trying to get my mind around all these metaphors, you are a real treat...:-) Hugs

  20. Yeah! Get the d..n nuts out of the chocolate!

    I couldn't have handled them
    no waaaaay
    without poppin' the whole mess
    in my mouth

    Ah sweet recovery

  21. now THAT made me cackle loudly, and Im all alone..except for my dog who looked up from whatever he's gnawing on momentarily! HAHAH...and yeah I bet handling all that stuff made your mouth water. I was fine until I saw the pic of you with those powdered donuts---then fuggettaboutit!!! AHHHH!!! (Im on my 8th week of Induction)
    Thanks for the laughs (and glad you werent really going off the rails of a crazy-carb train!)


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