11 August 2010

the treachery of images

Magritte:  This is not a pipe
This is not a Peep!

 Magritte: Son of Man

 Van Gogh 

Van Gogh and Joe, anyone?

What-A Warhol

Van Gogh... Van Go!

Van Gogh: "Painter On The Road To Tarascon"
Last year whilst on vacation, I found this earnest little painter,
in Sedona, Arizona.

Van Gogh


Vincent: Still Life With Absinthe....
Absinth makes the heart grow fonder!
(My very own bottle of Absinthe, btw)

O' Keeffe
Poppies for everyone! And peace.
I don't usually "work" on posts
But I put a little time and effort into this one.
So many pics I take remind me of something else.
A fun art-theme started to emerge.
Enjoy - and I hope you are having a great week!


  1. First, awesome. Second, please send me your address as I will send an empty self addresses FEDEX package that I would love you to fill with whatever you are inhaling in Texas to come up with these things. Hydroponic, Brownsville tar, Texas Hash, whatever it is, I need some up North....
    You rock !!

  2. I LOVE THIS! It could be a cute poster or calendar.

  3. Wow- amazing how you find such similarities! I especially like the picture of the painter- almost EXACT!

  4. You really do work it! Thanks for that extra effort.

    You are my newest addiction. Zero calories-100% joy.
    How could I not go out and spread the cheer!

    Your generousity is as big as the State of Texas!

    You really could market some of your stuff and get some reimbursements. I would purchase a calander designed by you with work out schedule/food tips/and motivational sayings. You've already done all the "foot work" and are such a success.

    I'm gonna go back now and enjoy the artwork again. Thanks Anne and
    you have a great day too.

  5. Wow is all i can say! Absolutely awesome :)

  6. One of my favourite bloggers and many of my favourite artists all in one place. What more could I ask for?

    This is sheer beauty.

  7. Oh, j'adore Van Gogh. I saw his show at the Met waaay too many years ago. It blew me away. I loved this painting he did of haystacks. It looked like dancing people, so lovely. J'adore l'art. :D Magritte is fun. Provocative.

  8. Methinks you put a LOT of time and effort into this one!

    I loved it.. my favorite was Van Gogh/Van Go. :-D


  9. Catching up on fave blogs
    This post gets top rave review
    Lots of work and much appreciated

    I saw that painter in Sedona a couple months ago
    He must be getting pretty good at it by now
    We hope

    Your recent post - all wrapped in wellness
    Never heard of it before
    will research on net
    and what was that drain thing about?
    (Patrick wants to know too)

    Do you follow http://imjustwalkin.com ?
    You might like him

  10. I'm Just Walking - he just finished his walk!
    Thanks for the link - I've loved following him.


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