16 August 2010

hot yoga and dei spa

The Downward Facing Dog
I see London, I see France....

The Dirty Dog
aka The Sick Puppy

Om - Om                                  Uh - Oh 

Second Position                         Assume The Position

State- Of- The- Art, Mobile
"All-Natural" Tanning Beds

Covered Valet Self-Actualized Parking
aka park it yourself and walk

Hours of Enthralling Entertainment
Watching the clouds roll on by
(I see a puppy 'n a kitty with Demeter!)

Solar Powered Heat Wrap:
Windows up - AC off
10 minutes on each side for Medium Rare.
30 minutes for Well Done!
After 45 minutes you will never have been so "green!"
People pay good money for hot yogurt er, uh, yoga,
saunas, and tanning beds. Workouts that make ya sweat!
Do NOT try this at home!
I am a highly trained professional!
It's all good cuz it's all for fun!


  1. This shirt is soooo big on me -
    I just noticed.
    I need clothes that actually fit.
    I've got that homeless person look
    going on again!
    *not that there's anything wrong with that!*

    Hope you are off to a great start in a wonderful week!

  2. You are hysterical, Anne! LOL And yes, that shirt is so big, it must be like wearing a blanket. Time to downsize ...

  3. You are the Professional! My favorite line "Assume the Position"

    Hugs for all your good cheer and support!

  4. Ah, a good excuse not to try yoga. I'm /not/ a highly trained professional ;)

  5. Yeah, hot yoga places opening up all over NY like 7-11's. When did Hot Yoga replace Frozen Yogurt as the dessert of choice ? I love the A/C off, in closed car as an inexpensive version.

  6. I have done yoga off and on for many years. You do a pretty good downward dog. You are right the shirt is too large for you, it should be a night shirt to sleep in. Isn't that cool that you can see with your very own eyes how clothes are too big and your body is shrinking?

  7. I love the self-actualized parking! You are too funny!

    I hope your week is wonderful, Anne.

  8. "Assume the position"....lol!!! Hilarious! I am glad I finally found your blog....and yeah, get some clothes that fit and show off that new bod girl!

  9. I also noticed the Tee shirt...LOL

    I thought the truck bed was funny. I love tanning.

  10. I cracked up at the "state of the art-all natural" tanning bed...too funny! You're right, the shirt is way too big!

  11. Careful in that "tanning bed", in that big homeless looking tee shirt you might be mistaken for a vagrant. :) However, big tee shirts aside, the weight loss is wonderful.

  12. You crack me up, and yes the shirt is HUGE on you :0)

  13. LOL Priceless. You've more guts than me. I would never try hot yoga. I have to agree, that shirt is huge on you.

  14. Second position... assume the position... LOL!!!

    I read recently that hot yoga can be dangerous to some people. I wouldn't know. I like me cool!


  15. You so funny, Anne! "Self-actualised parking." Love it. And yes, time to downsize that tee shirt!

  16. You are cracking me up today, Anne... "Self-Actualized Parking" Ha!

    And yes, that is one big tee shirt! You are easily a size 6 or 8 which would be a small or medium tee shirt. You're doing great!

    Happy day!

  17. What a hoot you are Miss Anne, now go shopping and by some tee shirts that show your new figure. Have a great week......:-)Hugs

  18. hahaha.
    hot yoga you say?!
    i love hot yoga.
    virgin me likes to tell people that it's better than sex! i don't know where i picked that up from!

  19. but these "people" know i don't know what i'm talking about

  20. Nice blog :D. Thanks for sharing.
    GOD BLESS :)


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