25 March 2019

sleep late...twice

Moderate relief. 
Could it be that I hate my job so hard-
That I don’t sleep well the night before
Just from dread? 

I’m beginning to think so!

This is my early birthday gift. 
From me to me. 
Laphproaig 10 year Scotch. 
From the Isle of Islay. 
I got it for my trip. 
It’s super smoky. 

It takes about 30 minutes to drink an ounce. 
And it’s not cheap, so you don’t dare guzzle it! 

I’ve wanted some since one of the houseguests
Brought in some $300 Octomore. 
It was like drinking a campfire. 

The bottle says 
“like kissing a mermaid 
that had BBQ for dinner”!

Another great review. 

Parts of Dallas got their windows 
pelted out with hail.
And other parts didn’t see a sprinkle. 

So the mom (of the hard case)
Texted me to say she’s going out of town again. 
20 year olds are just too irresponsible. 

But - lol- I’m ok. 
Because I was going to cut back one day! 
I just wanted to pick that day. 

My friend Pete takes everything in stride. 
He’s happier and has more friends. 
I, by contrast, am bitchier
And many people hate my fucking guts. 

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong-
Or very right! 

So I got up early and saw the clock. 
It clearly said 0630. 
So I went back to sleep. 
I must’ve slept a few hours. 
Got up, looked at the clock...
It said 0630... again! 

Getting up at 0630 IS sleeping late, 
When your shift starts at 0630. 

My little buddy. 
I’m his 5’2” pillow. 

Art Film Noir. 
And also time for a hair cut.
I’ve been stalking Pinterest 
And I’m going with a deep undercut. 
If it were up to me, 
I would shave my head. 

I did that once - shaved it all
In little segments. 
My hair always grows fast. 
It came back all nice and thick and curly. 

I’ve always said that if I win the lottery, 
I would shave my head, 
And go to the Grand Canyon,
And only come back once it had grown out. 

Lol. No lottery this time. 
Just ready for Spring and a Super-Vacation! 

Is it wrong that I count the days? 
I only have to go to the “hard case”
Like 9 more times. 


  1. Anne, you're a woman of impeccable taste - and if you enjoy Laphroaig you would love Caol Ila. Again from Islay, it's heaven in a bottle.

  2. Oh how fun! Thanks for the tip. And thanks for your kind words!

  3. For some reason my old iPad isn’t loading yr photos?!? (I’ll try to sneak a peek on work computer later)
    We are one of those parts down south of the Metroplex who only got light rain, thankfully no hail.


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