28 March 2019

ha ha ha

Woke up with no time to spare. 
Lol. No wonder I felt so well-rested! 
I was agog (and agashed?)
 to see it was 6 am. 

WRR, Dallas’ Classical Radio Station
Was playing Beethoven’s 5th
-The Finally-
And I tell you- traffic parted, 
all lanes were clear, 
and I got to work early. 
Just like in the movie Bruce Almighty. 

Pete and I got the putrid, 
waterlogged (stinky) bird seed 
Scrubbed off from the patio. 

A little more to do 
and the house will be ready for 
1) houseguests 
2) vacation 
3) Elaine coming home
4) Cat Inspection 
You know how picky they can be! 

Pete and I went for Chinese Buffet. 
I am absolutely in love with 
“Shanghai Chicken..”
It was like Seschwan Chicken,
But it had a slight hint of
Nutmeg and Cinnamon. 

Pictures are not working on Blogspot today. 
I guess Google has forgotten their offspring. 

So imagine a plate of low carb goodness...
Happy portions...
Piping hot...
And some hot Jasmine Tea...
I’m sure the sauce wasn’t LC. 
But nothing breaded-
And I even threw in some veggies. 

I’m probably going to do 
Some Snaking this week. 
In preparation for my trip.
Double the walking. 

Another picture. 
Imagine my little Pixie Bob
Haircut and me smiling, 
Playing with the cats, 
Having a cup of coffee. 
Yep. That’s me! 

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  1. I have a Pediatric Patient who is blind. And so I describe everything to him. Just like me describing these pictures.
    I got the idea from a commentary on Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood. He had a blind girl in the audience, and she complained that she couldn’t see what was going on. So that is why Fred (Mr Rogers) would painstakingly describe everything that was going on onscreen!


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