08 May 2011

induction food

Free and unlimited:
Any kind of fish cooked any way
Any kind of fowl cooked any way
Any meat, pork, eggs
Bacon, ham, jerky  - foods with nitrates - often sugar cured
one inch cube of cheese - any kind - "somewhat" unlimited
Dairy - yogurts, cream cheese, Neufchatel cheese,  
sour cream, cottage cheese
Free veggies:
iceberg lettuce,
any kind of lettuce, salad mix
green beens
Measured veggies:
avocado - 1
asparagus - 6 spears
broccoli - 1/2 cup
brussels sprouts - 1/4 cup
cabbage - 1/2 cup
cauliflower - 1/2 cup
olives - 5
spinach - 1/2 cup
summer squash - 1/2 cup
tomato - 1
zucchini - 1/2 cup
sweet onions - 1/4 cup

Also Ran:
Carrots - didn't made the list.
Niether did apples. Not for Phase 1.
This, being Atkins Induction Phase.
Anything really sweet is pretty much out.
Maybe we like them because they are sweet!?
This is a diet that is not very sweet - 
Remember the purpose of this medical-grade diet is to reduce insulin levels.
As a possible treatment for the serious condition of Obesity.
And Metabolic Syndrome.  So it's not likely to be very sweet. 
We (and by that, I mean "I") have to re-learn what sweet is.
At least no concentrated sweets. At least not for now.

It takes months - not just days - not just hours - to get some of 
these blood levels regulated... It's the insulin spikes /bingeing that
are part of the problem.... as well as the sustained high levels - over time.
Years of free-for-all eating has to have had some kind of effect!
For me, it probably wasn't a good effect! Time to bring it under better control.

Berries did make the list - but mostly after induction.
Yogurts came in the Sophomore year.
Cottage cheese is ok for induction - but just too salty for me!
Heavy Whipping Cream and Butter are on the list! Yay!

Low Carb Friends is a great Bulletin Board. Lots of Peer Support.
Atkins has info on what's allowed on Induction as well. Great site!

Induction Snacks:

Gone are the days of little sugar smack crack treats. Gone - at least for now! 
It's ok. It's for the best! Me and those treats had it pretty good. For many years! 
I'll leave those for someone else to enjoy. I don't have a mental "cut-off" for sweets, so I tend to seriously over-eat them. So it's in my best interest that I abstain!
Pork rinds for snacks. HB eggs. Deviled eggs made w/extra mayo!
Cheese already cubed - in case I got hungry I could reach in a grab some!
Peanut butter - but that's not good for me, and I don't even buy it any more :(
I do use the PB2 - which has 85% less fat and is good for mixing with things!
Have you heard of PB2?  Here's a link!


Cream Cheese - mixed with SF flavouring makes a good dip for pork rinds
Macadamia  Nuts - I can only get these in bulk - cuz I eat them till they are gone!
Once, I gobbled them down in the truck in the parking lot, at the store! 
Gone - all at once! Not a good choice - in the "end."

But not all LoCarb Induction meals need to be boring. 
Being single, I don't cook alot of meals. And being a Food Slob (now in recovery)
I ate out all the time before LoCarb. Or microwaved a Lean Cuisine
if I wanted to have a "good" meal at home. I didn't even have the 
kitchen set up to cook - even if I had wanted to. I only owned one pan.

So yeah, LoCarb Induction is not all about Beef Jerky, and Hard-Boiled eggs.
But sometimes, in the interest of "easy" and "do-able," we make choices.
Which includes hamburger patties and salads!
Or yummy grilled chicken and a green beans!
And maybe one day soon, onto more complex dishes and recipes!

I think of Obesity /Metabolic Disorder as a disease. And this Diet as my Treatment.
I once told myself that once my metabolism is straightened out,
I can go back and try some regular foods, in regular amounts - like "normal" people eat!
But really - that might take years - and it's just an excuse to eat junk on my part!
Or a way to sell books and programs on the part of people who say this is possible!

To work, this Way Of Eating has to be livable, and healthy! 
Atkins is both - and I can have AND KEEP the weight loss IF
I can keep my hand out of the cookie jar!
But isn't that true of any diet?

To be continued! Thanks for reading!
And Happy Mother's Day!


  1. It's the truth that it's the sweets that put the lbs on in the first place. Good luck on induction.

  2. Very informative. Not for me, I love vegetables of all kinds too much to give them up or limit the amounts I am allowed to eat even temporarily. No too crazy about fruit, but still want to keep an option to eat them when I feel like it. For many people, though, this might be a great way out of obesity. Especially since it allows for unlimited foods of some kind. Ultimately, sure, it's a low calorie diet, but just knowing that something is unlimited helps mentally.

  3. WooHoo! Thanks for taking the time to lay it all out here, Anne!

    I hear this *fad* is going *mainstream* ;)

  4. Thx for sharing. You have done a fantastic job.

  5. This is a great way to explain it and many of us have the same tendencies. You are an inspiration to
    many of us.

  6. I remember induction well as I did Atkins for a year a while back. I loved the pork rinds and cream cheese. I'm not sure I could do induction again though. I low carb but not that extreme. I wish you the best on it, Anne.

  7. My head hurts!!! So much info, you are the low carb info center!!!

    I am lazy, just count points and try TRY not to eat too muh fake food, some days i am successful, other days not so much


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