08 May 2011

whey vs whey

Protein shakes were/are a base of my LC diet.

I have protein shakes as meal replacements, almost every day.
They are handy, tasty and easy to use!
2 per day on "hard" days with one meal and snacks.
1 protein shake a day on alternate "regular" days, with two meals, and snacks.
I drink them mixed with diet soda or monster drinks. Just for the flavor.
Knox unflavored gelatin - incomplete protein - so use as an add-on!

There are three kinds of whey.
Concentrated, Isolates, and Hydrolysates.

Concentrated is just that. It takes about 4 hours to digest.
So it fills you up and keeps you full. Usually has some carbs.
This is the cheap one. Entry level. Get this almost anywhere.
Also has lactose - the more carbs, the more lactose
(remember that the suffix  "ose" is usually a sugar - 
in this case, lact = milk..... so lactose is a milk sugar!)

[But if you can digest cheese, you might not be lactose intolerant -
so no worries!]

Isolated is like a "designer" whey. It is an incomplete amino acid compound. 
Depends on the company, what they put in and leave out.
Isolated whey goes in fast and is digested fast. It also leaves you fast.
But they are lower in carbs and lactose - if that is a concern.
  These are more expensive - and usually worth it!

Hydrolysates are "predigested" and are more expensive -
And most - that I've seen - have a ton of carbs and other things.
So for our purposes, forget about that kind!
A patient I knew had this kind - so I learned about this first hand.
Mostly for people who really can't digest the other kinds.

So the perfect protein-powder meal-replacement is some of each:
half~ish  concentrate for long-term hunger control -
half~ish  isolated for immediate satisfaction -
In any combination you can digest.

When you mix them with a flavored drink (diet soda, monster)
you don't need to add berries or other things.
The good ones mix with just a spoon - no blender needed!
Some of them are already flavored!

And since whey is just a concentrated form of cow's milk
It contains very small amounts of lactose. But watch out - 
The cheaper ones have more carbs- it varies greatly by product!

My trainer uses this test
to see if a Protein Supplement is pure or has fillers:
1 serving size is 11 grams.
10 grams of this is protein.
Only 1 gram, then, is filler.
There will almost always be some filler, or stabilizer.
But watch out for hidden carbs, fats,
and even vitamines/minerals...

Cheaper proteins use much more fillers and thickeners!
(And some that are not so  $$ cheap, but should be!)
Some have digestive enzymes which are cover-ups for
cheap, indigestible proteins. Bah! Who needs that!

Here's a good link to info about whey. The Whey Protein Institute. 

About the proteins I use:
MATRIX brand is what I used at first.

Just for fun - the Word Origin Of The Day:
The word "matrix" in Latin comes from the same word as "womb"
and "mater" - maternal.... it means, then, a situation where something else originates!
Like a blend of 2 things that produce a 3rd thing independent of the first 2! 

So Matrix protein has whey isolate and egg protein.
They even have a medical grade protein! 

Jay Robb Products are also great!

All these links are to Netrition - but you can find the products anywhere.
And all the proteins I use have no artificial things in them, either!
Some whey products even come from organic cows, and are all natural!

Today I use a combination of these brands:
Now (brand) Whey Isolate plus
Optimum Nutrition Whey Concentrate

I love mine - I cycle on and off of them....
I might have 3 or 4 a day and nothing else for a week...
Then I might not have any protein shakes for a month !

And my new kick is Liquid Egg Whites.... 
No added fillers there - easy to get at the store!
All the "old lady body builders" use them!

Thanks for reading along!
Hope your day is great!


  1. And Happy Mom's Day - to one and all!

  2. I used Caron's exact words as I read on...but shan't copy the comment. Thanks for all the info!

  3. How did you know I was trying to figure which was the best protein powder for me?? I don't do low carb but recognize the importance of protein in my diet. I've used Muscle Provider by Beverly and recently purchased some Shakeology (not designated a protein, but it has some in it). I've been adding the NOW Whey Isolate Plus to it to boost the protein. But tummy always feels gurgly afterwards. I know it's full of great stuff and I want to continue with it...maybe I'll check out some of the concentrated versions...

  4. I love the Nectar products but haven't tried the medical. I try to do some kind of protein supplement every day.

  5. Whey isolate is my personal favorite!

  6. Love my Jay Robb. So good. Even in coffee!

  7. I love it in coffee, Carb Master yogurt,
    some kinds you can even cook with!

  8. I make a wicked fudge with whey (Optimum) and coconut oil, cocoa, butter, cream cheese (and peppermint extract if I'm in the mood for mint chocolate.) Also add splenda or stevia. Sometimes ground flax. The fudge is great with morning coffee, and only 4 carbs per piece...the store-bought breakfast bars are too carb-y and too spendy for me.

    Thanks for showing us the whey.

  9. This is whey too hard for me to figure out. :-)

    I just get the big tub at Costco and hope for the best.

  10. Thx for sharing the info. I LOL at all the old lady body builders use it.

  11. Heehee -just the good ones use it!

    And thanks for letting me share!
    It is my passion!

  12. I missed these links. I am glad I clicked. Can you buy these on food stamps? I am just kidding...
    Now I get the coffee with egg whites...
    Thanks for the info.


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