09 May 2011

how's it goin'?

An actual conversation 
(loudly) overheard at the store
just the other day!

Hey - howz that new diet going?
They got you still eatin' the fat-free cheese?

Oh, yeah - it's good for you, right?
Doc said I need to make some changes!

Lots of bread and stuff - right?

Yeppers! All day long!
As much as I want!
Oh, that reminds me -
Gotta pick up my 'Lividor'  from the pharmacy.
Four bucks - can't beat that!

Still save some room for a snack!

Yessir! But just one or two a day...
Cuttin' back, ya know....
(pats belly)

Oh look - free samples of cake!

Hold the phone!

Gotta eat this up-
Nature's Candy!
Have all ya want. Gotta love that!

I dip mine in sugar sometimes.
Helps with the taste.
You know - for the kids!
They only want candy bars.

Glug this down - 
Better get 2 gallons!

Doc said my sugar levels were 
"a little high"
but no problem - they just increased my insulin!

And my cholesterol is high again -
Thank goodness for fake butter, right?

Hand me the skim wouldja?
Wife says it's good for ya...

Stopping here - for dinner tonight -
on the way home... too tired to cook!

Cool - cuz I wouldn't want to have one of these!

Yeah, dude - good thing we watch our diets!
Yep - our healthy diets!
See ya!


  1. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
    Well, I could make it up...if I really tried!

  2. Real conversation? Wow. I know a lot of us have varying philosophies about what is healthy but that's ridiculous. Of course, at one time I may have been involved in a conversation exactly like that. Always learning.

  3. Sad, funny but sad. May as well play russian roulette with a fully loaded six shooter; would be a cleaner way to go.

  4. Yes...a sad sort of funny, as Patrick said.

    I'm so glad to no longer be on the other end of that conversation any more.

  5. Wow, isn't that sad. I don't understand the" medicine can fix it" you would think it would scare people, but sadly it doesn't.

  6. I've hear things that that from family members who are clueless about weight loss. No amount of talking on my part can change their preconceived ideas. My mother and my youngest brother are obese, diabetic, and hypertensive. It is maddening to watch them but they aren't willing to learn new ways.

  7. I'd laugh, but it's too S.A.D.May 9, 2011 at 10:52 AM

    Who need high cholesterol when you can just eat Cheerios!
    Fake butter and cheerios.... too sad.
    Standard American Diet!

  8. We were at Sam's yesterday and there were these huge chocolate chip cookies, about the size of a car tire, that were frosted on top with flowers and such like a cake. There was a young woman picking one out as the kids and I walked by and I said to them, not overly loud, "WOW look at that, those are nothing BUT carbs!" The lady looked at them again with her eyes wide and didn't get one. We may have done a little education there!

  9. I can't believe you followed me around in the grocery store. You should have said hey!

  10. Small changes add up: I stopped buying OJ about 2 years ago. Used to drink it every morning. Don't even miss it. But I honestly thought it was a "healthy food." I might as well have had a Coke.

  11. I am reading The Dukan Diet, it's another low carb - jump start kind of thing. I'm going to try it for a week because I've been slowly letting processed carbs creep back in and the only way for me to get rid of them is to go hardcore for a week.

  12. I love caption stories! Every picture here has it's story don"t it?

  13. It amazes me with all the information you can find these days that people still don't have a clue!

  14. Oh my but you know, I think I overheard that here one day while shopping with Jim or listening to my sister. Blood sugar is 300-400 daily and she just takes more insulin to eat that caramel roll she had or that birthday cake. Soon I am going to be an only child and she blames me for her being sickly cuz I'm healthy. UGH!!!
    Take care and have a blessed evening.
    P.S. 22 hours I fasted, then had a very light dinner. Feels good, feel full and a new day tomorrow.

  15. How's it goin'? Yep, still a little obsessed with fudge. LOL. The low carb stuff, but still...

    Actually, I feel great empathy for folks who want to lose weight for reasons of ill health--such as when somebody as diabetes or poor mobility--but I also feel sorry for people who try to improve their health through weight loss but go on a high carb diet. Jeez. That approach dang near finished me off. So low fat for so many years...got nerve damage I suspect from inability to absorb B vitamins because not enough fat in diet. Boy, was I steered wrong. For my physiology anyway.

    ALSO. I'm sick of hearing fat people get picked on, discriminated against, and treated horribly. Most don't know HOW to go about improving their own health status, and being constantly harassed about something so baffling to control...well, that is STRESSFUL.

    I know that's not what you are doing in this post, Anne, but it concerns me that most folks are doing the best they know, even if what they know is inadequate or harmful.

    Wow. I guess I needed to vent. :) Somehow I don't expect you will take offense. Thanks. It's been a rough couple days...years... :)

  16. The sad part of all of this is that we are told this is healthy by the very people who should be warning us against this way of eating ... doctors and nutritionists.
    My mom's hubby is a diabetic and I can't believe what his dietician says is ok to eat. It's horrifying.

  17. Girl i work in that food store!!! Sheesh the things you hear!!! Lol

  18. I yiyi. Isn't it amazing the stuff we can talk ourselves into. Sheesh.
    xo jj

  19. HA! I can really hear this convo going on in every grocery store. And it IS sad, because of all the misinformation and conflicting reports people are bombarded with. The almighty dollar built our official food pyramid, NOT the trusted health authorities we want to believe did. Not trying to start a huge controversy or anything cuz thats not how I roll ;-) But yep---just sayin!!


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