22 July 2009

she drives me crazy

kermit, my clock is ticking!

I can't get any rest
People say I'm obsessed
(Well, now that you mention it...)

It's been awhile since I've blogged about fasting and weight-loss results.

The picture with my finger on my chin is me "before."

The pictures with my mouth hanging open is from about 2 days ago when I blogged all night, and just happened to look up as the clock struck 3 am.!

For about 2 weeks now, I have maintained a 1000 calorie deficit.
It's been just too hot to cook. I still use the rebounder, and walk a little.
Most days, I eat a small meal and maybe a snack. And/or protein mix.

I eat when I am hungry, smaller portions. I am actually just now coming out of a 8 week stall! That's EIGHT WEEKS! I kid you not. Thank you very much!

I have also lost an 1/2 inch from my left forearm. That is the only place I consistently take my measurements. There's no cheating when you take it there. But my clothes tell the real story. No need for scales and tape measures, when your whole body weighs in "nay" or "YAY!"

I made only one single change, and my two-month plateau was broken overnight.

I switched from brown, caramel flavored diet drinks, to Diet Mountain Dew. One per day. So it wasn't the caffeine, or the artificial sweetener. Or any other anecdotal thing in The Universe. Some might speculate, but I think it was just ....

...It's just a phenomenon of LoCarbing -
lose it, without "losing it!" 35 pounds in 17 weeks is about 2 pounds a week, averaged.
Which I never got to post! Until now!


  1. That is such great news! So the caramel colored drinks weren't helping you get over the plateau?

    You're really working your tush off and you've got to be proud. Keep up the great work.

  2. Anne,

    I'm more impressed than ever! An 8 week stall and yet you maintained your resolve and positive spirit toward yourself and others. You're a gem!

  3. Wow, kick that 8-week stall in the butt. Woot!

    We've lost the same amount! Congrats!

    Gee, you were up to 3, too?

    I have been waiting for a few more pounds before I get my rebounder out. I don't know if my knees could take it yet, but I love my rebounder. Of course I call it a mini-tramp, and me the tramp who uses it. lol

    Thank you for your comments. The last one--I knew. I could always feel that through your comments. I kind of think of you as my blogging guardian angel. Thank you. =)

  4. Congratulations , that is just awesome. you are kicking butt, keep it up, great job!

  5. Whoa girl... 8 weeks! GREAT, great job of hanging in there. Congratulations.

  6. Thank You Kindly!
    I hovered around in a 3 to 5 pound range for those 8 weeks. It was like Ground Hog Day on a Diet. No matter what I did, I weighed the same. That's when I stopped weighing.
    The caramel colored drinks - I don't know. Maybe an allergy or sensitivity?
    All the time I was still in ketosis! With "good" blood sugar readings.

  7. You are looking gorgeous - hot, hot, hot! Face definately thinner, despite the agape mouth! Tsk, 3am...

    Well done for ditching those scales and relying on the clothes - you are right, they never lie (although, I am hanging on to mine for the time being, unless they continue to misbehave).

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I lolled, I did!

  8. keep up the great work girl,you are doing great,stop by soon :)

  9. anyone who has the guts to sweat through that long a stall with hope in their heart and joy on thier blog has DEFINITELY got what it takes to go all the way!!

    remember with stalls, you are losing fat, you just have to wait until those pesky fat cells will give up and drop the H2O :) whooooosh!!

  10. Wow, what an amazing accomplishment! You are doing great!

  11. Staying with an 8 week stall? That's tenacity! Wow. Congratulations on hanging tough through it.

  12. I'm blushing from all those lovely compliments! Thanks. Glad you stopped by :)

  13. I really like the idea of measuring the forearm. I don't commnet on every post, but I read them all Anne, and I would never have guessed you were going though an 8 week stall. You are so positive and funny and sweet, and apparently, stubborn! (In a good way!!)

  14. Thanks, Ya'll!
    I took heart in the fact that I made the changes in diet for HEALTH reasons, not just to look better. I felt better, and happier!
    I knew that my weight would change eventually - mainly because I've read so many other "stall stories" in blogs.
    Jimmy Moore's plateau was twice as long as mine!

  15. fasting.. as in all day, you don't eat anything all day every other day? Wouldn't that make you hang on to every calorie that you ate the next day?

    wow.. it must be working.. cause you are doing GREAT!! 2 lb loss per week is amazing - that's my goal. LOVE your blog!

  16. Thank you. I should clarify about the intermittent fasting days:
    I "fast" on water, and only eat one meal a day. And sometimes that goes on for 2 or 3 days in a row, not always alternate days.
    But it's not hard, or knuckle-biting for me...I seldom have TRUE hunger. And really, hunger isn't altogether a "bad" thing!
    I also try to keep my activity level up, so the calories don't try to "hang on" to me, (or me to them) like you said, amoslionhorse!

  17. Anne, It's nice to hear about your stick-to-it-iveness. And thanks for the video - I watched it (well, mostly they listened...attention spans short) with my kiddos. Muppets can do no wrong.

  18. anne, i've worn that same 3 am face many a time
    :D it's pricesless as are you.
    love that you posted your food list as well.
    people get curious and like to know what "works"

    "lose it without 'losing it'" = fantastic!

  19. Congrats on breaking that stall - in a positive manner!
    I've known quite a few people who stall & after a few weeks they just give up & end up with a gain breaking the stall.
    For you to get through 8 weeks, staying upbeat & positive plus ending it with great losses is inspiring. Hopefully I'll remember this when I stall.
    Thanks for sharing & congrats again!

  20. Love your blog! Congrats on breaking the stall!

  21. I'm absolutely impressed that you made it through your plateau!! Awesome :)

  22. Outstanding! Way to set off some fireworks on the scale...

  23. Woo Hoo! Way to go, Anne. It's looking good on you!!

  24. Love the video! I saw the FYC play in DC once upon a yesteryear.

    Stalls happen. Usually for no real reason. Sometimes the body just needs to learn to trust us or something.

  25. My granddaughter, always prone to kidney/bladder infections, was told by her urologist to avoid any brown/caramel-colored sodas. She drinks Sprite/Mountain Dew/Squirt, etc. with no trouble.


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