13 May 2011

some fave hikes

Grand Canyon - South Rim

Grand Canyon - North Rim

Snow hike and 80 foot Ranger Tower
Jacobs Lake - Grand Canyon - North Rim

Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve, California

Indian Cove at Joshua Tree Park, California

Carlsbad Caverns

Malibu Beach, California

Oceanside, California

Santa Monica, California

San Antonio, Texas

Petite Jean Mountain, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas

You can get these little plaques to nail onto your walking stick...
I thought they were geeky at first - but hey!
Some pretty snazzy hikers have them -
It's quite a sight!

Around town closer to home!

This was a good year for hiking.
Some were walks - some were "proper" hikes!
Some were "urban hikes!"
Hiking is a great way to get fit.
And it is it's own reward!
There's always something more to see -
And it's always just around the next corner!

Hope your day is great!
Thanks for reading!


  1. All gorgeous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the review! I haven't really tried hiking yet as I'm not sure how I will do with climbing hills and mountains. I tend to be clumsy and can fall down walking on flat ground. It would be bad if I fell on a hike and someone had to carry me out. Yikes!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Proves, also, there's no place like home...that final image, amazing. I love hiking too. My favorite place: Snake River Canyon. Many 1st Peoples' petroglyphs, er, picture-writings carved on melon gravel (huge, smooth volcanic rocks carried by an ancient flood). Deep serenity in such places. Even met a wolf there, once, coming round a corner of cliff face. YIKES. No matter. We headed in opposite directions. :) Have a great week end!

  4. Hey now, no Geek bashing :)

    Beautifil photos

  5. I'm a Geek myself -
    They just didn't know what to call it back then!
    And thanks!

  6. Girl you have been in some beautiful places :) Thanks for taking me along!

  7. You are an adventurous girl! Good for you--I love your spirit! The photos are great!

  8. Still don't see ya aboard a mule ;-) !!!
    (I need to do more mileage on my own two feet, it's true)
    Also would like to go on the Molokai Mule ride...


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