10 May 2011

food blog

Cauliflower happily sauteed in bacon drippings
Lovingly dashed with spice rub and parmesan cheese

Angus burger - really really good

Fish with parmesan cheese and coconut curry... 
cooked in coconut oil with bacon drippings.
But aye -  that's the rub!

Getting ready for back to work -
lots of ways to pack lunch

Even did some of this

Whoever invented ice-packs:
I think I wuv you!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. This was from two meals different a day or so ago...
    I'm on a hamburger kick now!

  2. Hamburgers are my fav!! Thank goodness for ways to make them healthier

  3. I am on a ribs kick at the moment. Wouldn't mind some of that cauliflower or fish, either. Looks delicious.

    Hope your day is wonderful, too.

  4. Yum, yum and yum!
    And ouch to the shoulder.

  5. Don't know why I never thought of it, but the cauli sauteed in bacon drippings sounds yummy!

  6. Yummy; looks delicious! But, then, anything with bacon is delicious, even if it's just the drippings! :)

  7. Cauliflower looks soooo tasty...not that it usually does, but the way you cook it...mmmm

  8. Oh my goodness that food looks good! Especially the cauliflower! I've started on this roasted vegetable kick lately and I'm in heaven! Hope you have a great day, Anne!

  9. Hi. I'm a new reader of your blog :)
    That burger looks delicious.

  10. Yum!
    I plan to ask for kettlebells for my birthday.
    And an ice pack!

  11. Yay! And thanks y'all!

    The ice is for the rotator cuff impingement...
    The kettlebell came afterward - to help it out a little -
    with out adding too much weight -
    I figured the other arm could help the right one out!
    Kinda like rehab - or "prehab"
    since I never really worked out before!

  12. Quite the chef you are!

    Love how you used the stretchy band to tie on the ice pack. Clever gal. And hope you don't need it long.

  13. I definitely appreciate your sharing the recipes you eat. If I know you and others that are successful eat it, I won't fear it. And they all look delicious.

  14. Ive been on a pork rib kick lately but it may have run its course :-) Your cauliflower looks great, I just bought some fresh mayhap I'll cook it up tonight!

  15. Mmm...burgers...I would like bacon and cheese on mine please!

  16. Mmm. cauliflower with parmesan and bacon. Wish I could have da fish. I can't. Bummer. Sniff.

    Love your smile in the pic. (Did the kettlebell get to you?)

  17. PD - No.... the Kettlebell was a light workout (10 pounds)
    to help take my rotator cuff through a few routines...
    Just what the Doc ordered!
    The KB is good because some of the weight
    can be carried by the stronger arm.
    It felt good! Just gave me a cold shoulder!

  18. Gosh, Anne, wish I could send you to the woman who fixes rotator cuffs using hands of light (body work) therapy. She's amazing, learned her craft with a shaman (1st peoples), and has kept many people from needing surgery. But she lives thousands of miles from you. Wish, also, there were more like her.

    I hope your shoulder gets well soon!

  19. I'm on a hamburger kick as well ... took 2 with me today for snacking up at the Point. Yummm.
    Nice and easy and they get the job done. :D

    Hope the 'cuff heals up quick.


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