31 December 2018

still no answer

Tons of gunshots and fireworks. 
All I want to do is stay sober,
Fast tor clarity,  and get through these days. 
This is nerve-wracking 
And I have a migraine. 

Literally everything I have and do
Reminds me of her. 
I guess I threw myself into her care. 
I got her these for Christmas. 

I finally stopped crying long enough 
to take a short nap. 

Nope- they still haven’t called 
to say it was a mistake. 
The denial is gone and 
Now I’m bargaining. 
IF she can do this-
THEN I’ll do that. 

Blood Glucose is high. 
I have had several servings of water. 
The HCT is usually in the 30’s. 

All this holiday food. 
I’m glad I’m not tempted. 

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  1. Stick to your plan but also don't stick to your plan 110%. Crying uses up more than you can predict. Stay healthy but be careful.
    Prayers Anne.


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