26 December 2018

boxing day

The Apple Watch battery 
was completely drained. 
So no data. 
Too bad. It would have been a flatline. 
I slept better than I have in years. 

It’s Boxing Day 
And I got to go in an hour later. 

I got the baby a light machine. 
I put it on with some trance music. 
She was literally asleep in 3 minutes. 

So all day long I took pictures of the baby! 
Sorry I can’t share! 
What a great day. 

I look back on all the journals 
And Facebook posts. 
My ex went back and 
removed her comments 
and likes from my Facebook posts. 
Even the ones about her.

Time for some of that healing to occur. 

Ho Ho Ho!
Been fasting about 20 hours by now. 
Feels good. I think I’ll do more. 
Out with the old. 

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