31 March 2018

ten times easier

To start the Snake Diet
You must be prepared 

You CAN start from a high carb platform 

But it is 100 times easier to 
Make the “jumping off point”
Keto Low Carb 

So I ate very little carbs 
And more beef. 
I hardly have any beef anymore. 
This is Rudy’s Moist Brisket

Another key to a successful fast
Is to stay busy. 
Walking and working out
And doing little chores around the house 

I can now walk a mile with ease. 
I’m not sore, hurting, tired or SOB. 
Lol. That’s what Nurses write for
Shortness Of Breath. 
Some might argue. Lol

And relax. 
Probably the most important thing. 
Cedar has it right! 

Don’t eat it, y’all! 
Worse than Poison Cupcakes! 

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