27 March 2018

kava kava

Pretty Spring Flowers

Pretty Spring Showers

Many many families 
Take off their shoes 
When they come inside. 
Probably not a bad idea. 

Groups of young men 
Free Ranging the streets of Dallas! 
When I stopped to let them pass by, 
They gave me a Drum Corp Salute! 

Fasting is hard. 
It’s not for everyone. 
Some people say that fasting 
 Has messed up their metabolism. 

I say that fasting reveals 
How little food we really need. 

Probably much much less food than we think. 

I think We Fatties deal with 
Food Addictions
(Much like when people 
have caffeine addictions)
Innocent- until it’s not! 

Sleep counts. 
I sleep very well now without my wine. 
I always sleep better without it. 
And I’m always shocked. 
As if I forgot it again already. 

I am changing my eating schedule 
For weeks that I have extra shifts. 

Stress counts. 
Everything counts. 
In large amounts. 
Lol. Not really-
That was just a song form the 80s. 

More to come! 

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