28 October 2011

afternoon tv diets

First of all... no grains... 
Maybe some brains.

So if your clothes feel a little tight...

They see me eatin' cookies...
They hatin'...
Poor Pugsley - the look on his face!

We can't all call Jack LaLanne!

No coconut cream pie -
Maybe just some coconut oil

Get some work-outs in. 
Lift things up and put things down...

Don't go telling me you'll start on Wednesday!

Take your vitamins and drink your water.
Watch out for Franken-Foods!

Maybe go flying

Pork Chops and AppleSauce

Fish for dinner? Again!
So Flippin' good!



  1. You had fun with this one, didn't ya! Love it!
    Just in time for Halloween!

  2. All of my childhood favourites! I especially liked the pork chops and applesauce. LOL!

  3. Very clever, Anne. I love when you do these photo posts. :)

  4. you teamed up the pics from the old tv shows with some great thought provoking words. You go girl!

  5. I have to admit - this is one of my faves - thanks!
    I think I like the silly ones.

  6. My friend is sat next to me and she just about remembers some of these. Just goes to show my age and I am not even that old.


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