13 October 2011

how to roll it out

This is Sam - one of my CrossFit Trainers.
And this is how to roll out the top of the thighs
using a foam roller.
Thinking smile
The roller will be your worst nightmare -
or your BFF!
Disappointed smile

Don't roll over any bones -
or you will curse the day you were born.
 Crying face

If the above position is too much pressure, 
you can reduce the amount of pressure
by crossing your leg - like this..
Hot smile
Find a sore/tender spot and roll it out!
Sam's foam roller is hard.... 
Mine is much softer...
But I'm a newbie - so that's ok!
Winking smile

My very own cuppa
And mug

I am on a Subway kick -
This makes twice this week!
I added my own balsamic vinegar!
and it was good!

 The End!


  1. I really enjoyed the end! Salad looks fresh and tasty!

    Rolling looks painful! Love your cup!

  2. hey your cool...found you via joanna J. I’ve had weight issues all my life...your my new role model. love that Texas town...who knew??

  3. Great pictures...your trainer looks kinda scary. lol. I would be interested to see what it is you do in your classes.

  4. Rollar cross fit?? Looks interesting

  5. Just the post I needed! It does make sense of something I wasn't sure about. Thanks

    Oh and by the way that salad looks amazing :)

  6. Forget the salad - that TRAINER looks yummy, too!

  7. That salad is making me hungry :)

  8. That salad makes me hungry. I need a midnight snack.

  9. What brand of roller did the trainer use? I am wanting to get one and see many brands on Amazon.

  10. You have to be out and about with your job, but the fact that you find healthy (as in truly healthy) food to eat shows it can be done. I can wear pants and shirts I had put away that were too small. They are comfortable and not squeeze into. I remember the last time your clothes were too large and you got new clothes. I am not at the place to go out and get new clothes yet since I saved some things in a box in the garage.

  11. AT first glance at the first photo, I thought our Carb Tripper was sporting a new tat!


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