15 October 2011

supplemental info

My grandmother had Pernicious Anemia.
So did my mother.
And probably my sister -
[but she's so vexed - it's not clear with her...]

So I went (yes, I went)
and got some B12 of the Methylcobalamin type!

I have a theory about weight gain -
Lots of micro-nutrients were probably missed
from lack of intake and lack of absorption....
Jack In The Box - and a Gallon of Coke - 
is not known for being a Life Sustaining Menu!

My mother - on what she thought was her deathbed - 
asked for LIVER!
Now - who the heck asks for liver?
Wine? Ice cream? Chocolate covered cherries?
But liver? Looking back, I know now -
She thought she was sick from Pernicious Anemia!
And somehow, this would save her.

So I have really been paying extra notice to my
Supplements. Note the word "Supplements."
Not intended to carry the entire weight of the
diet.... they are just that  - a supplement
to a healthy meal plan and lifestyle.
I guess you could say I am passionate about it!

"Healthy" foods - like quality proteins,
Quality fats (essential amino and fatty acids)
And some veggies!
Nothing that makes a person 
"Insane in the membrane...."
(Of the gut!)

Yay for food!
Real food.


  1. I love Celtic Sea Salt. And it's good for me.

    I agree, supplements can't undo bad food choices. I'll admit that for too many years I sure hoped they did!
    But I'm trying to do like you now, and make them just that, supplemental. :-)

  2. Wow ... I can see your face in your Grandmother's face. A definite connection there. :D
    I like wenting.

  3. You do look like your grandmother. How cool!

  4. I am anemic; going to the doc on Monday and will ask about this. I appreciate the information. I think I'll be getting some B-12 anyways!

  5. Key words: "Real Food". Indeed. Supplements are just as you say. Not the main course.

  6. Just getting back to my supplements today, Anne. I've been very lax which is bad for a bypass patient. I take calcium citrate, B 12 injection, multi-vitamins, and B complex. I also take some D-3. The only issue I have is with the calcium which can really mess up my colon function.

  7. O.k now I'm going to look for celtic sea salt ;) You really do look like your grandmother!!


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