21 October 2011

low carb is good for you

What LoCarb is not:
Sugar. Junk. Grains - not alot.
Starchy veggies, starchy grains - not alot.
And corn is a grain!

What LoCarb is:
Healthy meats, eggs, cheeses 
(if you are so inclined)
Lots of yummy veggies.
Lots of fresh salads.
Some berries.

Some people debate:
Programs like (current) Atkins
use too many fake foods.
Well, no one is arguing that!

Some people object:
Programs like Atkins are too high fat.
Atkins IS a ketogenic diet.
It is (self-proclaimed) HighFat Diet -
Not so much LoCarb (but it is that, too)

LOTS of people do well
On a (somewhat) lower fat version of LC.
Pratkins... Paleo + Atkins... 
Or Primal... if you are so inclined!

Common Ground:
Processed-to-death food is probably not good.
Industrial oils - are probably not good.
GMO foods are probably not NEVER good.
Stuff you can't pronounce is probably not good.
Too much of a good thing - probably not good!

A Healthy Diet:
If a person has a damaged metabolism
From years of food abuse -
[bingeing, and junk, and dieting - oh my!]
Then maybe a ton of sugar-spiking fruit
Is not so much a welcome treat.
Like putting gasoline on a fire.

After Weight-Loss
Atkins called it "maintenence"
It really is just making better food choices - for life!
Deciding to make better choices.

Both in what you eat,
And in what you chose not to eat.

So really - LoCarb (for me)
is just about making better choices
for food - all the way around!



  1. Very well said. You explained it perfectly. :)

  2. Yup, very well said: LoCarb NOT NoCarb. Sometimes I feel like such an oddball bcs I'm still finding out what the difference is. With a NOCarb Mentality, I beat myself up with one bite of a "carby" item, with LoCarb that condemnation is not there. That's the sweet spot I'm trying to live my life in!

    P.S: Thanks Anne H. for all your support!

  3. Great mention of the fruit thing, lots of sugar, and like you say, some people after years and years of abuse to their bodies need to stay away from sugary foods even natural foods like fruit and some veggies until they clean up the insides.

  4. For me, fruit is a delicacy. But it's also vital for me to remember that I abused my body with highly-processed foods since I was five years old, when my binge eating set in. That is over twenty years, messing up my system! I can't expect somebody who has never been morbidly obese to digest or even react to the same foods like I do. We waged war on our bodies, now it's the peace time... served with a side of bacon, of course!

  5. Well said Anne, have a great weekend.

  6. WOW! That was longest post, without pics I think you've ever done...:)

    Nice job and good info.

  7. a bacon a day keeps the fat pants away. :)

  8. I find it a huge challenge to eat a cold salad on a cold fall or winter day. Not a huge fan of warm wilted salads either. Also, how many eggs on average does everyone eat daily while lo-carb?

  9. Yay for meat and eggs. I have them every day. It is a good thing for e those are my favorite foods anyway.

  10. Paleo - is not exactly LoCarb...
    But lower carb...just to clear the air!
    Paleo, Primal, and Atkins all share more
    Than they are different!

    DD - It's still 80 here....
    The North Texas area has alot of warmish days per year.
    But for cool days, I also make a lot of LC soups and stews!
    And eggs- I take it in spells.
    Maybe 2 a day... then sometimes 4...
    But sometimes none at all!

    Thanks, everyone - for your kind words!


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