10 July 2010

I like big buns

Mmmm... Don't I look like a total prostitute?
Or one of those rap guy's girlfriends?
Got buns, hun?
Buns, bread, what ever!

Maybe I could stand to lose a few pounds...
But not while I'm on vacation...
Or during the Holidays....
Or during school....
Or work....
And summer's too damn hot!

A Cheezeburger? Can I Haz Another?

You'll DIE without eating bread every day, right?
It's GOOD for you, right?
"By bread alone," right?
Or was that "Buy bread alone?"
Something like that.
I am the bread winner!

What a load of crap!
Give up cakes and cokes and cookies and pie?
"Try it and see..." she said.
You can always go back, and eat some more.
"Stimpy - you EEEDIOT!"

You mean I actually have to TRY?
You mean I have to make quote unquote better choices and decisions?
You mean I can't have *fill in the blank* every night
and still lose a pound a day? WTH?

You don't understand.
I have to have my bread.
Besides, you NEED bread.
Get it? KNEAD?

More fun with "then and now!"

Monster w/ protein
Water water fizzy water, regular water
Coffee, w/ cream
Carbonated peach iced tea - yum!
I invented a new treat!
Atkins bar, nut mix (probably too many calories)
Hamburger no bun, and salad from a bag
Me? I'm much better - some kind of "new found faith" in logic, 
and my own ability to figure things out, and trust what I see, and know to be true.
(Must be from all those years of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy!)

You? You can always call me - email, what ever! 
I would love to hear from you - You know what - it's all good!
Hope your weekend is super -dee- duper!


  1. What a BIG change Anne. I didn't recognize you at first. WOW. smile.

  2. wow girl, it freaks me out to see the old pictures. You look bomb... Question... do the Monster's make it hard to sleep at night? yuck yuck, no seriously do the Monsters keep the dreams away.... LOL I crack myself up!!! LOL

  3. I would recognize that smile anywhere!!

  4. You have such fun posts to read, or view...
    Thanks, and great job !!

  5. Your posts really are fun. I really liked the earlier THAN and NOW pictures from the supermarket. Very telling.

  6. I wasn't sure if the larger size woman was you or not! Truly fantastic and fun. I'm so happy for you. It can't be easy to lose that kind of weight in Texas. My friend just showed me the pics from her trip there - seriously, I can't get over the meat and size of the portions. The pop (soda?) cups look like jugs!!!! You are amazing.

  7. Great transformation Anne! Stimpy - LOL!

  8. Wow - I hadn't seen any before photos. They are really motivating (I like the one that shows you running w/the McDnld's!LOl!).

    Nice job w/the photo layout!

  9. Thanks ya'll - for your kind words.

    "Phooning" - it's called.
    The Runner's Pose.

    But here, it looks like I'm trying to not pee my pants!

  10. You are so funny! I posted the roses pic that reminded me of you!

    Ren and Stimpy...a close second after Pinky and The Brain. Narf!

    I love how you tell a wonderful story with your pictures.

    The change in you is so radical!

  11. Awww....
    Thanks, Miss Kimberly!

  12. Are you used to being the you that you are today? You are just on a maintenance now right, or are you planning on losing more weight?

  13. What a great blog you have! The transformation in the photos is nothing short of amazing!

  14. You are flippin' hysterical girl. Love the photo journalism!! The McDonald's photo is the best. Give me that happy meal, now.

  15. Hey, I think you look great at any weight. It's all in the eyes, baby, your eyes. But...you sound happy now, happier (I presume) more often than not, and that is good! GOOD! 'Cause you are one of the good hearted. It shows.


  16. Love the then and nows. You always have so much fun!

  17. You are so funny! I think I love you!


I would love to hear from you!