08 July 2010

boxing day

I went to a boxing class tonight!
And I didn't die!
The sign said, and I quote,
"Home of the 1,000 calorie knock-out work-out!"

Boxing moves, running backwards while punching the bags,
(which are still moving, by the way, from the last punch)
Sit ups, push-ups, planks, lunges, 
you name it! *wow*

Wrapped wrists!

It was hard, but I tried to keep up.
The instructors are awesome and motivating.
I wonder now how I ever made it through basic training!

My face got redder after we stopped.
Musta been the heat and humidity - 100% in the rain!
Even the seams of my pants are soaked with sweat.
The music and testosterone were booming.
(Who da boom king?)
The instructor asked me how old I am
And what I do for my job.

I guess they don't get alot of old, fatty nurses up in there.
A fun way to go through the paces!

An awesome YouTube video

Monster LoCarb Energy drink w/protein
Egg white protein - egg*nog style
Snack pack of mixed nuts, Atkins bar
2 eggs w /cheese and ham omelette
Half an avocado w/ spicy, mixed nuts, & pepper jack cheese 
Coffee w/ cream and sf caramel and sf vanilla
Water, water, about a gallon of water.


  1. Oh my that looks like fun :) You know if i lived closer i'd be there doing it with you!!

  2. boxing is SO SO fun!!! if you find a good class, it is a blast!!! looks like you had fun :)

  3. I suppose you could say boxing is on my "bucket list" but I'm too chicken!

    You made it look tempting though!

  4. Cool! Looks like a fun time! I took a picture yesterday because I was reminded of you...the Yellow Rose of Texas!

    I will probably put it up tomorrow and put your name right under it!

  5. Good for you! Looks fun - just be careful - I gunked up my rotator cuff about 18 months ago taking boxing lessons. Great workout - you look like you are having a great time...

  6. Way to whoop on some ass! I think it'd be fun. Whenever I see a punching bag, I have to try it out...I've always liked it. What does that say about me?

  7. boxing eh? glad you enjoyed it!

    1,000 calories in one hour in insane.

  8. Note to self - make sure not to piss Anne off. :-)

    Seriously though ... that's great, Anne! Keep at it!

  9. Looking good Anne, something I often thought of doing but have never attempted. How often will you go to this class.....and you don't look like a fatty ole nurse, you are looking wonderful........:-) hugs

  10. I think your so awesome for doing that, and harry/jp is right, don't piss Anne off. I am sure you can hold your own there, goodbye fatty ole nurse....she is gone, sexy nurse there now. whoo hooo. I think he was checking you out, you babe magnet you. have a fun weekend Anne.

  11. Awesome to try something new!!!

  12. Very impressive. Now go kick some cranky old bastards ass....

  13. Do you see what you just said? You said "I guess they don't get alot of old, fatty nurses up in there." You know you are not fat don't you? You have to see what we see when you look in the mirror. As for old, my dear, you are a chickadee compared to me. I think the boxing gym is way cool, I wish there was one here.

  14. You da Boom King! erm princess. :) And you are my hero. So cool!

  15. Yo Adrianne...I mean Anne;
    Stallone is looking for ya!

    Soon you will be running in the streets of Dallas.

    Your first line where you wrote that you didn't die surprised me because I was beginning to worry where you were (your posts are always there waiting for me). Gosh, I just noticed I've switched addictions from salty to sweet Anne! Needless to say it was a relief to know you were out there shaking things up.

    Why am I not surprised.

    You are always throwing out left hooks. Oh the boxing metaphors are just beginning (kick ass was taken...good one guys!)

    All I know is the mitochondria are gonna be screaming tomorrow!

    You da Best!

  16. Woke up today - not too sore, actually!
    Hydration is a key? Lactic Acid, Krebs Cycle etc?
    And I do use distilled water. (Not medical grade.)

    Plus, I found a boxing gym one block from my apartment.
    Never saw it before. Go figure! Funny how these things do happen!

  17. Look at you box! Remind me not to get on your bad side here. Way to go boom king!

  18. wow!! i'm seriously impressed. You rock, Anne!


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