01 July 2010


A boxing ring work-out

A Welter - Weight Contender!
Down from a super- heavy weight!

And in this corner, we have the Challenger -
Green Beans with Tomato things and balsamic vinegar!
Behold the Awesome Avocado!

And in this other corner over here, the returning Champ -
The camera-shy Hamburger O'Patty.....
Accompanied by Bag O'Salad!

Shake that salad and come out biting - er, uh - fighting!

And it's a one-two jab to the mouth with the green beans.
Not waisting any time, the hamburger steps in full force.
Ooh -They're making mince-meat out of Hamburger O'Patty!

Right hook - boom!
Left hook - boom!
A body punch!
Ouch! - that's gotta hurt or feel good - one!

Wow - An upper-cut from the deli section!
Floating like butter - flying like a bee...
That one will end up below the butt, for sure!

Pow! Right on the kisser with that lettuce...
While the Chops took a straight punch to the chin!
Add a few beers from the fridge, and you've got a brew - ha ha...

By Jove, there's some fancy footwork here tonight!
Look who is throwing the punches now!
The Chomp - I mean the Champ is in rare form!

And it's a knock-out from the Avocado!
And the crowd goes wild!

Yo - Adriane!
I wore my best boxers just for the occasion!

Pistachio Overdose today - yuk.
Still only 20 g of carbs.
But that's not the point.
I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
Nuts are my week area - er, uh, weak area!
Now Monster w/protein x2
And off to work-out!

No ears were bitten off
*Mike Tyson style*
in the making of this post!


  1. Ring?
    Looks more square to me!

  2. You are a winner just like Rocky all right!! So funny. That looks like a cool boxing ring. I like nuts too. Mostly peanuts though. And almonds.

  3. You got the "Eye of the Tiger" for sure. Thanks for all your sweet comments. I have been a comment slacker. Sorry. You know I luv ya....right?!


  4. You have a special way of writing. I like it.smile.

  5. Pistachio Overdose huh, I love'em and have trouble controlling them too.

  6. After all those Paul Gross pics I was expecting something quite different when I read your post title. LOL!

    You sure are a good looking welter weight!

    I can handle my nuts. I am a food counter, so I always count them before I eat them. I could never eat more than I counted out and if someone happens to take one...I will replace it so I am eating the "right" number. ISSUES!!!

  7. "No ears were bitten off *Mike Tyson style* in the making of this post!" Hysterical Anne-- Such a creative post.

    Glad to see you looking so happy in that pic.

    The weekend is almost here! Yeah/


  8. It does look more like a square! You are always pointing out the obvious.

    Makes me wonder what other incongruencies I just accept without question?

    Your discipline and insights are weight loss for the Mind and that has gotta to translate to weight loss in the physical.

    You make me feel like a featherweight! Thanks for the laughs :)

  9. you sure??? aren't ears carb free???.................................................... oh gross.... sorry

  10. What an awesome post Anne, you are so creative with your writing. it is wonderful, just like you. cashew nuts are my favorite...but only cashews.
    have a great 4th of July

  11. I agree - wonderfully creative posts.

  12. :) Something you didn't know about me is that i love boxing!! Comes from going to live boxing matches in England when i was 2 with my grandpa.
    Have to tell you i love this post.

  13. Yo! Dat funny. Avacado has it goin' on.


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