01 October 2011

gluten free...and see

WHAT is all this talk about gluten?
All my life I've never heard of it -
Now it's everywhere - ya know?

Monet -Wheatstacks
Give up bread? No way!
Are you stinking - freaking kidding me?
Bread is supposed to be the "staff of life" -
It's the center-piece of the USRDA's food thingy
Which was a pyramid and is now a plate-a-mid.

Well, maybe there's something to going gluten-free!
There's about a million links to what gluten is.
And a new book "Wheat Belly" too!

Millet - The Gleaners

Is Gluten really that bad for you?
Alot of people say it is!
There really is only one way to find out.

Try it yourself and see.
Forget about This Study or That Study.
Just quit eating bread - and things with gluten - for a month.
Maybe go grainless. 
At least, start with wheat.

VanGogh - The Reaper

A day is not enough time; you would just miss it.
A week - two weeks - maybe.
But if you try - then see how you feel....
Then go back and see if it made any difference...
THAT is really the only way to really know for sure!

Here's a Pinata (thanks, wikipedia!)
That was made with paper mache
And how you can make your own 
with Flour and Water = Paste or Glue!
We all remember that trick  from times gone by.
VanGogh  - Wheat Field With Crows
Can it really be good to make this glue-like stuff
such a prominent feature of our diets?
For many - Nope!
You don't have to have full-blown Celiac Disease
to stop eating bread. Or gluten. Or grains...
If only for a while!
Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

So - a challenge is out there!

Maybe try it for a month.
What could be better than sliced bread?
Hmmmm..... let's find out together!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I encourage anyone who has an auto-immune disorder, bowel issues, joint pain, headaches, asthma, and skin rashes/eczema to DEFINITELY give this a try. As well as anyone whose trigger/crave foods are wheat/gluten based (cookies, cakes, pizza, burritos, enchiladas, crackers, pretzels). It may be that this is what it takes to break the addiction.

    I know I feel way better off gluten and haven't used my asthma steroids in over a month--at one of the worst times of the year, allergy-wise--and am doing quite well, shockingly. :D

    Yep. I love that Van Gogh badge. Keep your ears. Lose the gluten.

  2. I'm about half way through reading Wheat Belly. And every time I want to make a recipe using one of the low carb tortillas that I have in the freezer... I just can't! That book is a shocker, a real expose. No wonder the Wheat-Powers-That-Be are waging a smear campaign against Dr Davis!!

    I highly recommend for everyone to read Wheat Belly, even if they don't feel they have a problem with wheat or a reason to stop eating it. But I'd bet they have a loved one or a friend or a child that this could be life saving for!

    Read the book... save a life. :-)

  3. I love your creative post!

    I agree with Rettatkat recommend the book Wheat Belly.

  4. Now if the pinata doesn't put things into perspective... then I don't know what does!

  5. What I think most people don't realize is that gluten-free means a lot more than just cutting out bread. I have tried it under a nutritionist's supervision before, for gastrointestinal issues, and coincidentally my husband is trying it right now for 2 weeks. There is a lot of label reading involved.

  6. I am in...may I use your badge on my blog? Love you Miss A!

  7. I gained 22 pounds in ONE month when I went back to the bread and such. It set off all my binge eating again. My depression also came back full force.
    I've been off it all for a week now and am getting back on track.
    I don't think everyone has a problem with gluten but obviously many of us in Blogland blogging our big heinies off, DO.

  8. Other books to read ...

    Going Against the Grain ... Melissa Diane Smith
    Life Without Bread ... Christian B. Allan & Wolfgang Lutz
    Dangerous Grains ... James Braly

  9. I have cut down DRASTICALLY on bread for over three weeks now, only had bread once in that time and I feel much better!

  10. I think I will do some more reading on the subject. Thanks for the heads-up.

  11. Wheat is EVERYWHERE!!! it was even in a meat marinade I was using, I feel sooo much better, no crazy hungries is a total plus!!!

    I am a believer

  12. Beer is Liquid BreadOctober 1, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    Preachin' to the choir, my friend! Still, some people might listen.

  13. I tried it beginning in Sept and feel much better overall. Who knew? And I recommend Wheat Belly, too.

  14. Wow...I came to check out your latest posts and have been reading all about the Wheat Belly stuff off of the Kitchen Kop site. Amazing! Thanks for all the laughs...your pics and funny vids crack me up. I've been meaning to tell you this for awhile. :-)

  15. i have been wheat free for 6 months but now i have allergies to almost everything never had a known allergy to a food now i have several ;[


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