15 July 2010


Good morning y'all!

Men drinking beer with the foam afloat 
heard "Lady yodel lady yodel loo!"

Quick Trip has a hamburger shaped like a hot dog.
No bun for me, please!

This happy-dotted Google Map 
shows some of the far and away places I go to!
(Just for work - not counting trips!)

"Small Shakle $2.99"

Peace to you!
(Yes, you!)

Danger Will Robinson!
This is my "Sirius" look. (yikes)
Had to go back just to see it....
Note the space ship in the background.

What an interesting day.
I had bad dreams last night.
I never ever ever have bad dreams!
I used to have the same dream every night.
But not a bad dream - a night terror.

This time, I was being chased.
Like, to the death.
By something that looked like SpongeBob SquarePants.
Persistent little buggar.

So who, or whom, do I need to get right with?
Besides my self, of course?
Monster w/protein x2
Water x2
Coffee w/cream x2
Snack Pack Mixed Nuts
Couple of bits and bites.
Kind of a fast today.

Hope your day is wonderful with happy dreams!
And sights and sounds that love you back!


  1. I don't think SBSP meant anything other than you had a stressful day yesterday and your subconscious was still whirling long after your body said "night, night" - just a little extra anxiety working it's way out.

    Hope SBSP is back in his pineapple under the sea and your dreams are peaceful.

  2. I'm new to your blog. Came across it on another blog I read but honestly don't remember which one. I had to laugh when you said your night terror wa SBSP. When my daughter started watching him almost a year ago when my husband and I first separated I used to have nightmares about him too. Kinda creepy really, because in my dreams my husband would eventually morph into SBSP. Yeah, neat-o. LOL I hope you don't have any more night terrors though because no matter how silly they sound/seem when we're awake sometimes they're scarier than heck. Sweet dreams!

  3. Thanks, Roxie -
    You are no doubt "right as rain!"

    About the dreams - I'll take it !

  4. I also almost never dream... night terror, wow how stressful. I thankfully just sleep most pf the time, except when I dream about work, that is such a huge drag... work all day and dream about the stinkin place all night, whats a gal to do?? we need to go buy a lottery ticket!!!

  5. That is one crazy dream Anne-- SBSP???

    Gorgeous night sky! Hope you have happy dreams tonight.


  6. SBSP, That would be a night terror, probably too much going on in your day. wow you travel a lot for your work Anne, you must like to drive. Be well my friend. have a great weekend.

  7. I love SBSP even though I have never watched the cartoon! When we visited the USA Mum came across him for the first time and had us in hysterics getting his name wrong. He makes me giggle now every time. Sorry he was in your dream!

  8. This last year, I dream about Bloggers - and blogging.
    But those are nice dreams!

  9. I dream in technicolor every night. UGH! The chasing dreams are freaky and really can throw you off. Especially if I am having a stressful awake time.

    Sounds like you bounced right back. good for you!

  10. I get bad dreams a lot... Mostly down to my insecurities! Gotta work on building that self esteem... :o)

    Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  11. I have a little award for you


    Visit !!!

  12. Love your last line...

    " Hope your day is wonderful with happy dreams! And sights and sounds that love you back!"

    Daily you prepare a smorgashbord of lovely words that feed my soul.

    I am filled with gratitude.

    Thank you Anne for allowing us to share in your daily and nightly escapades. I will have visions of SBSP all day today and that little jingle
    will remind me not to take any of it seriously. Found a quote on the web of some SBSP sayings. I think I'll end with this one;

    "Spongebob: "Don't worry, tomorrow we'll be back for more frolic and fun."

    Enjoy your crabby patties today in the greater Dallas area :)

  13. You do have a drive each day or however many days you work. The hot dog shaped hamburger does not look very appetizing though. I would have to bring a good cooler with me if I drove that much. I know you do sometimes too.

  14. That price on the shake is ridiculous for sure!

  15. I love me a good beirgarten, was that a good one?

  16. Sponge Bob...that is a frightmare. Was there a pineapple in this dream?

    Love the dawn and love the sunset. The UFO pic scared the crap out of me. Must go shower.

  17. I loved the sunset picture. I only dream when something is bothering me, or at least those are the only ones I remember.....hope you sleep well tonight.......:-) Hugs


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