29 February 2012

the mighty mighty chicken

 Nearly 6 months of no chicken made me miss it.
So I made some... A Chicken Breast with no skin....
Seen here cooking with a can of Tomatos.

White Meat Chicken NO Skin
600 mg of Omega 6

White Meat Chicken WITH Skin
Add the skin and it more than doubles...
THAT makes sense because so many of the Omega 6
are said to be stored in the fat / skin

Dark Meat Chicken With Skin
Nearly 6 times the Omega 6 (the "bad" one)
as compared to White Meat Chicken without Skin.

GOSH - that's more fat than beef!
Think! Freedom!
Think about what cha tryin to do to me (link)
Like the song!

Took the Chicken, with Tomatos, added Pumpkin, Gram Masala Spices,
Green Beans, Red Peppers, Onions... and Ground Chuck.
I added the Beef just cuz I had some on hand. 
It would have been fine without it, too.

Speaking of Beef.... Look at the numbers for Grass Fed Hamburger.
Higher Omega 3... but the Omega 6 is about the same as Grain Fed.
In this case, maybe a little higher.

I would call this "Neutral" Omegas. 
This is Grain Fed Beef. 70/30
Oh - and all my examples are 100 gram portions.

If the goal of a low pufa diet is 4% pufa MAX,
Then 4% of, say, 1200 calories is 48.
48 calories from pufa. Divided by 9 (for a fat)
is nearly 6 grams of pufa. THAT's alot!
Beef - here - has almost half of ONE gram.... not alot!

Now comes 95/5 ground beef.
THAT has about as much total fat than White Meat Chicken!
And less PUFAs all the way around.
And WAY better than Dark Meat Chicken's stats!

Remember my 100 days of Omega 3?
It was more like 5 - nearly 6 months for me.
Because the half - life of the Omega 6 is so long...
It takes 2 to 4 years to clear your system!

That's my own BP. It runs low-ish.
So now , my plan is to go back to sorta regular eating.
I am not worried at all about the Omega 3's.
I am not worried at all about my LDL.
I still don't like the Omega 6's.
I still want to keep low PUFA.
[poly unsaturated fatty acids]
We'll see, eh?
Awesome Early Spring-Like Weather we're having!
Lots o' rain. Just like I like it!


  1. Anne that was interesting, I did not know there was more calories in the dark chicken meat. I really have just started watching all of this through the class I have been taking....amazed at some of it, never counted calories before so am very surprised at some of what I was eating that are no longer in the plan. I have lost 20 pounds since starting this, so this was very interesting today. thanks, hope you are well, I already know your awesome.

    1. All the awesomeness - right back at 'cha!
      20 pounds! Woot Woot! Wonderful!

  2. oh I never heard of putting pumpkin in with chicken, was there a reason or do you just like it?

    1. It's good and tasty!
      I'm trying to add a few more carbs and more variety.
      A can of pumpkin has about 16 carbs... so maybe 4 per serving?
      Love the taste!

  3. My blood pressure runs low too. My reading was similar to your when I saw Dr. B on Monday. Hypertension is a problem I never had even when I was MO.

  4. Everything you say about PUFA is so interesting but I find myself a little confused too. You've inspired me to head out to the magical world of google and see if I can find myself some knowledge!


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