28 February 2012

lab results

Word on "The Street" my lab results are in!
 And no, this is "Not" my real Doctor!

The VAP Lipid Profile
and the
H A1C.

LDL Cholesterol 218 (<130) up from 150   (a little high)
HDL Cholesterol 104  (>=40) down from 116 - excellent
VLDL Cholesterol 16 (<30) excellent
Cholesterol, Total 339  (<200) up from 275 (high)

Triglycerides 48 mg/dL (<150) down from 46 - excellent

Non HDL Chol. (LDL+VLDL) 234 (<160) high
apoB100-calc 135 (<109) high
LDL-R (Real)-C 194  (<100) high
Lp(a) Cholesterol 12.0  (<10) high
IDL Cholesterol 12 (<20) awesome
Remnant Lipo. (IDL+VLDL3) 21 <30 awesome
Probable Metabolic Syndrome   No [!!]

HDL-2 (Most Protective) 36 (>15) excellent
HDL-3 (Less Protective) 69  (>25) excellent
VLDL-3 (Small Remnant) 9  (<10) excellent
LDL1 Pattern A 28.7 *
LDL2 Pattern A 91.7 
LDL3 Pattern B 66.7 
LDL4 Pattern B 7.2 
LDL Density Pattern A excellent

Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio  3.26 
(ideally under 3.5) IDEAL - excellent!
HDL/LDL ratio 0.477  (ideally over 0.4) IDEAL - excellent!
Triglycerides/HDL ratio 0.817 - (ideally under 2) IDEAL - excellent
HA1C  5.6 borderline high
Estimated glucose = 114 - just "ok" on this one

All about the VAP:
The VAP is a new test. (link)
When Nurses say a test is "new," that usually means 
we've been aware of it for 10 years or less! 
It measures specific forms of Cholesterol. 
VAP stands for Vertical Auto Profile.
All the little blood cells are lined up in a tube - vertically. 
And the most dense ones sink to the bottom. 
Hence the name LOW Density Lipoproteins.
That's your LDL. 
Turns out, there are many types of LDL. 
The VAP distinguishes the different types.
Some are less dense than others. 
The less - dense ones tend to float higher in the vertical tube. 
Less dense is good!
Now you know all about the VAP!

All about the HbA1C:
And the H-A1C is a test for blood sugar. (link)
I am not Diabetic.. BUT I've had many recent readings
(glucose - via glucometer) in the 130 - 190 range... soooooo.....
They call this test "The 7% Solution" - but not the Sherlock Holmes type!
The idea is that Red Blood Cells live about 120 days.. 
and as the blood "sugar" goes up - or down, 
(It's really glucose - not "just" "sugar")
so does the percentage of RBC's with the higher or lower Blood Glucose.
In the form of Glycation - of Red Blood Cells. (link)

Each 1% change in the A1C is about 35 mg/dl of blood glucose.
Now. We only have so much Blood Glucose at any given time.
But that is another story for another day.

SO now you know about as much as I do - about the lipids and VAP!


  1. The A1c seems okay to me but I wouldn't ignore those high readings you are getting. It may be a glucose tolerance issue or maybe you are insulin resistant. That is a test all its own. I don't understand all the lipid tests like I should but yours seem to be okay, right? I'm glad you got the blood work done. I will be having mine one day this week.

    1. I tried some starches earlier in the fall... gained some weight...
      stopped.... lost the weight! Kept getting some over the top readings!
      My Blood Glucose is normally LOW!
      So I'm back on track... it's all good... and when I retest I'll see how it goes!

    2. With your triglycerides being so low I think you are spot on fine.

  2. I suck at reading the results of the blood tests, so I have no idea what yours mean. I see a lot of ideas and excellent readings, so it seems all is well. Congrats! :)

    1. It's very nerdy for sure...
      I'm overall very pleased!
      My P.A. and I are not concerned at all!
      Triglycerides VS LDL... I think the Trig wins out - every time..
      Cuz look at all the "excellents" in the breakdown of the LDL!

  3. They all look great. I bet these results are WAY better than from before lo carb. Congrats, Anne!

    1. When I was full-blown heavy, I didn't DARE to get my labs done...
      I couldn't even walk up the stairs with out stopping...
      So yeah - I bet they would have been no bueno!

  4. I don't understand the numbers and I did not know there were so many different ones associated with Cholesterol. I'm glad you are pleased with them though. :)

  5. Glad you and doc are happy :) I'm with Floriana I stink at reading that sort of thing :)

  6. Replies
    1. And YAY to you - for knowing that word!
      You've been doing your homework!

    2. It's regional, I think.... the popularity of the NMR -
      No one in the lab had even heard of it!
      Same difference, though. Well.... darn close, at any rate!

  7. Thanks for the info. I will definitely ask my doc to include VAP in my next blood test.

  8. I've been getting the VAP for a couple of years now...love that large, buoyant cholesterol! I hate to brag, but all my numbers are in the "excellent" range even though the overall number is 218, which is considered high by traditional docs, but my doc loves my overall profile. I took Lipitor for years...and have been off it now for two years. YAY me!

    1. Most of what I've heard from folks who question or reject the lipid hypothesis is that total chol with good other markers can be up to 250 and not be an issue (ie, that's the high end of the range where good health is documented). Over 250...mebbe start looking at stuff.

      When I was obese, not exercising much, depressed, eating crap, my total cholesterol was around 208 to 218, varying. After losing 120 pounds, exercising regularly, destressing, eating mostly REAL food, cutting back on starches, my HDL soared, Trigs dropped, but LDL soared, too, and the total cholesterol is MORE than 250 and LDL is 190. It does concern me, some, but I will wait to see what the VAP breakdown is to target things more carefully. Hubby, adapting my type of diet (he gets way more carbs than me, as he needs to keep weight up), still has a great cholesterol profile and lip(a) is 7, with a Pattern A. But his trend is RISING LDL...which I think happens when you eat more meat/animal protein and fewer carbs, as we have done.

      We shall see. :D

  9. Whoa, I never knew there were so many types of cholesterol! Great job on your numbers. :)

  10. There is some talk about low pufa diet increasing the LDL....
    BECAUSE the pufas - especially the Omega 6's, are stored in body fat -
    From 2 to 4 years... they have a VERY long half life...
    And they "come out" in an oxidized form...
    That would not surprise me one bit - would it you?
    THAT is the only thing that makes sense at this point.
    Any ideas?

  11. I am loving all the excellent and awesome!!!

  12. I'm having a VAP done end of March/Early April for my next endo appt. Man, it took me nearly a year to convince them to do it. Docs! My HDL and Trigs tend to be great. My LDL, not so much. I actually have added starch and oat bran to my diet (the oat bran for the LDL, and I just added it in the last 3 weeks). I don't know how adverse an effect the starch will have, so I guess I'll be finding out!!!!

    I wish we didn't even have to think about this crap, frankly. The older we get, the more tests. Yeesh.

    Fluffy LDL hugs,

  13. Interesting:
    LDL cholesterol is the ambulance crew that arrives at the scene of the crime to help the victims. The lipid hypothesis is the view that ambulance drivers should be arrested for homicide because they are commonly found at murder scenes.


  14. Hi Anne.. I just listened to a podcast where Dr. Mary Vernon explains why ones LDL may be temporarily high even though eating low carb: http://www.askthelowcarbexperts.com/2012/02/8-what-questions-should-i-ask-my-non-low-carb-friendly-doc-dr-mary-vernon/

  15. Antioxidants which protect against diabetes and caffeine which on the other hand raises glucose level.

    VLDL cholesterol

  16. hey there.. this is very very much after your post but I was doing some searches around VAP tests and found this. crazily enough my numbers are VERY similar to yours. had been pretty much low carb for 2 years and then not as strict the 4 or 5 months before the test.
    Total LDL 215
    Total HDL 108
    Total VLDL 17
    Total Cholesterol 339
    Total apoB100 135 (high.. been trying to look into this one and see what is causing it and whether it is a big problem.. more omega 3?? )
    Triglycerides 62 higher than you but still good
    Total NON HDL (LDL & VLDL) 231
    Lp(a) 9.0
    Remnant LIPO 28 higher than you but good?
    Real LDL size pattern A

    HDL-2 38
    HDL-3 70
    VLDL-3 10 (on the edge of high)

    Homocysteine 8.0 < 10.4

    was wondering how your numbers are doing and if you have done anything to affect the apoB100 or are worried about that number.

    Thanks and great work Anne!



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