03 December 2011

protein powders

What about protein powders?
Lots of people take them.
What do we know about them?
Milk from a cow breaks down into two parts.
Curds and Whey.

Amino Acids
And of course, it pays to remember that
Protein is made up of Amino Acids.
There are 9 essential Amino Acids.
22 total for humans.
Or 20 - no one agrees 100%, all the time.
The rest of the Amino Acids are made as they body sees fit...
from the first nine... in different combinations.
And for different purposes.

WHAT are BCAA's?
Branched Chain Amino acids are simply three amino acids:
Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.
That is all they are.
They are found in abundance in the body.
And make up 40% of the needed Amino Acids.

I personally use Whey Protein every day! 
I use a mix of half Concentrated Whey
and half Isolated Whey.  

The Isolated Whey is scored at 82.
This is Now Brand. (link)
The Concentrated Whey score is 61.
This in MRM Brand. (link)

Both have 28 grams of protein per scoop.
Together they make up a more complete protein.
More complete! Still not a complete protein
or total meal replacement - for long term use.

Concentrated Whey is usually cheaper.
And more filling.
Isolated Whey is just that... 
Certain aspects of the whey  have been isolated.
Each blend depends on the company that made it.

This is Jay Robb Isolated Whey ...
25 grams of protein per 30 gram scoop

This is Body Fortress Concentrated Whey.
The kind from WalMart.
Note that it scored higher than my concentrated whey!
For less than half the price per serving.
26 grams of protein per 34 gram scoop

This is Body Fortess Isolated Whey
Also from WalMart.
30 grams of protein per 36 gram scoop.

UNJURY gets a score of 100. (link)

Just for fun
I tried to input the numbers to MediFast and Shakeology... 
Also Ensure, Peptamin, Boost and Instant Breakfast.
But had no luck finding the data online!

I took the raw data, and painstakingly and carefully entered
each variable into a spreadsheet at Nutrition Data.com (link)
So if a company doesn't list the Amino Acid breakdown,
I can't input the numbers!

This is Nectar... a true medical grade product...
For tube feedings. Or post-op.
Even pretty good to have for every day protein use!
I got mine at Netrition.

Hope this helps!

2016 update:
I scrapped the Concentrated Whey 
And just use Isolated Whey.
The cheaper stuff has too many fillers.
I like the "cleaner" Isolated Whey.
But that is just me.


  1. Ooh, another good informative post.

    Just one more tidbit... I read a report from Dr Mercola that says we should never EVER buy whey protein powders in the form of an ISOLATE. Here's the link telling why:

    Sure, he would like you to buy his, but still, it's good info. I've tried his, and it's nice. But for cost reasons, I usually buy Designer Whey protein powder. Is that on your list for the little score chart??

  2. I never trust a guy that has a contrary opinion to very single thing in the world. I'm sure he's great and all... but where to start....
    The picture of the muscular man in that link - the poor guy looks deformed or photoshopped to death...
    And about the whey isolate... it depends on which one you use! Many are bad - and many are good - I'm sure!
    Never trust a person who it putting one product down while selling another!

  3. http://kaizenprotein.com/nutrition.html That's mine!

  4. LOL - Anon ....The guy in the picture DOES
    look a little butchered up! :D

    And Loretta - I have never taken Isolated Whey
    without the Concentrate added in. I am sure
    there are bad products
    out there ... But also many many good ones...
    other than his, of course!

    Send me the stats and I will input them!
    Or you can do your own at http://nutritiondata.self.com/

  5. I'm back - with this. For every one "against" there are 20 "for" good quality whey isolate! http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/willbrink3.htm

  6. I think it's all about the quality of the protein
    at the end of the day. My trainer likes the mix
    of Isolated and Concentrated because the
    Isolated one fills ya up faster, and the Concentrated one
    lasts a little longer... cuz it takes so long to digest!
    It's all good!

  7. I use both types of protein powder as well. They say the isolated is best for right after workouts to get to the bod & muscles quicker & the casein mix powders are better to use for long term release say later in the day if you work out in the morn.... Sometimes I just mix them both up. I am not as particular since I am not training to compete or anything. Great post Anne!

  8. I have jillian micheals protein powder..it has 15 grams of protein and tastes like ass...think I'll try yours.

  9. This is a bit above me Anne. I mean I understand what you wrote but I don't go into this all that much. Maybe I should though. You keep typing, I'll keep reading and I'll learn more and more.
    Thanks for sharing and all the research you've done.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  10. I use Nectar all the time. Anne. That is my protein of choice. The Lemon Tea and Fuzzy Navel are my favorites. I also use BSN Lean Dessert when I want a real shake that tastes like a treat. As a gastric patient we are told that our protein should be whey isolate as the first listed ingredient.

  11. Protein powders are the nutrition supplements which digests fast and gets to your muscles rapidly to start building muscle. It contains peptides that increase blood flow to the muscles. This is the reason why people should always consume whey immediately after training and weight themselves on a weighing scale machine , so that they can maintain their weight according to fitness.


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