15 December 2011

paleo blonde

Oo - look! 
My thoughts are evolving again!
From a deep Primordial Ooze...
To Chaos.... to (fill in the blank)

Some people don't trust the government to lead us 
down the right nutritional path.
Maybe the findings are a bit "outdated."
And scientifically "controversial."
Everyone is looking for the perfect (elusive) diet.
And not just looking to blame when the damn thing fails.
Some people are actually looking to heal.
Does one size really fit all?

This is Marni Nixon.... the sweetest voice in Hollywood....
The "Ghostess with the Mostess!" Miss Marni actually sang
the songs that were dubbed in later - West Side Story,
My Fair Lady, The King and I - to name a few.

Not to be confused with Richard Nixon.
Same name, right?
What's in a name, after all?
It just some words on a page.
IF it doesn't make sense in "real life."
The point of the story is this:
Get your facts right.

So what is it now?
The other day, I took out my trash...
Coffee grounds, egg shells, a cream container,
some sweet potato skins, a few salmon cans...
And my first thought was about my Mother (of all things)....
And how the contents of my trash can
looked so much like hers might have looked!
I guess I finally went back far enough
to a diet that Mom would approve of!
She cooked everything from scratch - never a box.
She didn't like chicken and thought of herself 
as a foodie!

SO - all this debate and carrying on....
I can barely abide it sometimes!
Especially from non-medical people.
I admit, I am biased. BUT, just to be fair - 
the medical experts are worse!

So yes. 
If Paleo People REALLY understood the importance of 
the Omega's - would they ever eat chicken again?
Or nuts? Or Mayo? No. They would not. Maybe just not alot.
Maybe not ever. Or maybe if they just like 
a good chicken, walnut, mayo salad - they would!
I put my food choices and Omega 6 up every day 
for all the world to see. My ratios are just about 1:1.
Sometimes 2:1.
If the data is to be trusted in the first place!
My diet is far from perfect - 
and I don't even call myself Paleo/Primal - for gosh sakes!
But I never claimed to "follow" Atkins....
The more I read - the more I love of him!

It seems so confusing sometimes - the only logical
choice is to stop listening completely!
But don't dispair! Just eat real food.
As much as we can.
Maybe start with that.


  1. "It seems so confusing sometimes - the only logical
    choice is to stop listening completely!"

    I had to laugh at that... some days that's exactly how I feel!

    "Just eat real food."
    Good place to start!

  2. I came to teh eat real food conclusion bit by bit. I do like chicken. A lot. I can't eat seafood--at all. So, my omegas are not at all in the Paleo ratio. BUT...I eat real food and there's nutrition in there and it serves me well to move away from the crappy SAD and towards a real food closest to how it is in nature path.

    Less convenience. More nutrition. More healing. :)
    Just make sure those cans are BPA free, right?


  3. I actually wrote (pro-actively) to the salmon company
    and asked them about the BPA levels in the cans...
    Cuz I am just a Geeky Nerd from way back!

  4. I agree with "Just eat real food." More and more I am doing that. It's taken me quite a while to get to this place though. :)

  5. Speaking of trusting the data, did you see this? http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/2011/12/08/why-calorie-counts-are-wrong-cooked-food-provides-a-lot-more-energy/
    Diet research is way behind weapons research.

  6. Mayo is one of my reasons for living...no way would
    I give it up...I think???


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