02 December 2011

all you can eat

I'm not a Fattie like you might be a Fattie.
I was a Bad-Ass Fattie!

These are my numbers from before.....
When I was really just a human eating machine.
Just for fun, I did the numbers on some of my old foods.

Breakfast: sausage bagel with hash browns.
Drink: 2 liters Coke every day (never missed this)
Snack: candy bar - king sized
Stop at the donut store...
Eat a couple on the way home - in the truck
Lunch: Big Mac, fries, starbucks
Snack: ice cream sundae
with ALL the fixings!
Dinner: Pizza maybe, salad, bread sticks, wings
and oh that lovely dipping sauce!
Or maybe a Lean Cuisine - you know -
Something "healthy!"
Desert: pie or cake of left over donuts
HEY !! Who drank all the coke?
Snack: spoons full of peanut butter 
Little more ice cream...
Better get that zantac and prilosec out!
Where's my tums?

Throw in a couple of playful binges - 
Not the HUGE binge, mind you - but the everyday binge:
You know - just an extra donut, 
A hand full of peppermint candies,
A pack of gum (it goes sooo fast)
Where's that other candy bar I got today?
I wanted to melt some in this mocha latte!
Maybe some chocolate milk, (We need milk, right?)
And an extra Macchiato Latte Huge with
all the bells and whistles...
Can I get a puff pastry with that?
I don't really need it, but since I'm here....
They are SOOOOO good!

Then the guy at the Drive Thru says "Enjoy your food!"
"Don't worry, smart ass," I'm thinking. "I will! Thanks!"
See ya tomorrow!

So there you have it.
The SAD - Standard American Diet.
A day in the so-called life.
Yum, right?


  1. Yep. I can relate. It is really sad what we used to do to ourselves. We are lucky to still be alive!

  2. Looking back its hard to read and actually believe we put that in our bodies, no wonder ......


  3. YES - I could eat a half gallon of thick, rich ice cream in one day.
    YES - I could eat an entire key-lime pie in one day..
    TWO DAYS if I wanted to watch myself or make it last.
    That seemed to common back then.
    Now it seems like something crazy!

  4. Where'd you find my food diary!?!

  5. What an interesting, and eye opening post Anne! Thank you!

  6. So much of what we ate wasn't even real food. Ugh.

  7. Wow. It's scary to think back on what I used to eat. How could I have been that ignorant??

  8. I was right there with you. I am ashamed of what I used to eat every day. It staggers me now to think about it.

  9. I didn't eat like that and I STILL got fat!


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