27 February 2011

hi there

A funny card - 
Hi There!

Five cents worth, please!

Small town, USA

This dear creature was so adorable....
He (she or it) came prancing up 
Like Rudolf in flight
when it saw my truck!
Oh, for cute!

A very big Texas sky

And to all a good night - 

Someone called this a seated "pistol squat"....
No hands used - one leg only - 
Then stand up from a sitting position!
Try it  - it's not so easy!
Do a couple in a row - on each leg!

Thanks for spending a day with me!
Hope your day is wonderful - 
Just like you are wonderful!


  1. What a fabulous sky...I love that photo!
    enjoy your weekend

  2. Beautiful sky! Texas seems to be very flat, at least where you are.

  3. Awww, cute little cowette. Probably thought you had a hay-treat in the back of Truckie.

  4. Yes! That little baby was a prancing and frolicking!
    I sooooo wanted to pet it!

  5. Carb lady sees a calf, thinking pet it ? Do ya spell E-A-T with a P - E - T in Texas ? Yummy

  6. lol - actually - I was thinking
    "Got milk?"

  7. LOL @ Allan and Anne. I was thinking pet it when I saw the picture. I don't see meat when the animal is still moving around and not wrapped in saran wrap at the market.

  8. That card was funny! Infectious laughter!

    Love the pics. You have such a great eye for pictures.

    Have a lovely day!

  9. That pistol squat looked easy enough to do... boy was I wrong!
    I'll be happy when I can do just one.

    Big Gray Sky in Texas...yesterday it snowed in Burbank California! Then blue skies - so strange. Pack some extra blankets I have no idea what the weather will be like in 2 weeks.

  10. *sniff* I could not see one single photo! booo hooo.

  11. No way I could ever do multiple "sits" on one leg.... That's really hard.

    Hope your SUnday is great, jj

  12. You rock - no you really are a rock!
    And you are my hero!

  13. I don't know who does those cards... they have them at our drugstore, though, and for silly entertainment, I open each one, laughing and giggling out lound. Who cares if the other customers and clerks think there's a crazy woman in the card department!


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