22 February 2011

happy camping

On one hand, I tend to over-plan

On the other hand, I am often unprepared for things!
Half this stuff I'm taking back - again.....
Disappointed smile

A cool little blanket - turquoise and red

Mat, sleeping bag, tent and little propane stove

My new hoodie from San Antonio
I wear it every where - it's cold today!
Nerd smile

Flimsiest. Tent. Evah!
Sarcastic smile

Now, instead of wearing a tent, I can camp in one!
In love

Cuz ya can never really have too many of these

How DO you get the bears to wear these?
Be right back

Must be a "pup" tent - for your pup!

Pretty Fly!
Winking smile

Wish you were here!
Two weeks and some change.
Change - indeed!
Hope your day is great!
Happy and great!


  1. A happy camper indeed.

    Don't forget the Off. The skeeters like low carb living too.

  2. Thanks, Kelly!
    The ketones would be like rocket fuel for them!

  3. Oh I don't like camping:( Give me a bed and a toilet and a shower please.

  4. Don't they just have the best stuff in those camping stores? I love browsing through there. Used to love tent camping. You're going to have a good time.

  5. Lovely photos, Anne. I hope you are having a great day!

  6. Loved the photos and your lovely sense of humor, Anne. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love the hoodie...the more full body pics I see of you, not only do i see the smallness factor, but also that we prefer to dress a lot alike!!! Comfort is optimal! Buy yourself something fun with the refund you get from bringing back half that stuff!

  8. Camping - wow looks like it's going to be great...I'm trying to understand what the bear bell does....but its beaten me lol...I guess its to do with bears and making a noise, but Its still beaten me

  9. Shopping with you is such fun!! The crows cracked me up. What are they for???

    I'm jealous of whomever goes camping witcha. It will be a blast! I've never gone camping. I was a sickly kid, then a superfat adult. I tihnk that may need to go on my bucket list. Seriously.


  10. Huh. What does one do with a flock of plastic crows? Let them frolic with the plastic flamingos?

  11. Camping is so fun! Don't forget a folding chair.

    I've never seen plastic crows. What hoot. Or, maybe should say caw ;D

    The trip to SA with Kelly and Chuck - what a blast! Thanks for sharing it all. Maybe next time...

  12. Camping - I love it! Hoping you have so much fun!

  13. Next time, we'll bring the par-tay to your area!
    It wil be a moveable feast!

  14. And the crows?
    Get 4 and 20 of them and make a pie!

  15. Best to be over prepared I say. Great pictures and great sense of humor as always.

  16. Looks like it is going to be a fine trip.

  17. How fun :)
    So when are we going to go for fro yo??

  18. Anna, if you need any help with packing for camping, just holler and I can advise if you'd like. Camping is my summer, my favorite thing along with hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming and so much more.
    You trip will be oh so much fun. Take care and God Bless!!


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