04 February 2011

7 up your tea

Good words to live by

Does this make my BUT look big?
But.... but...... yeah, but.....
(that but)

Take some diet 7 up
It froze up in the truck!

Cold Brew some Irish Breakfast Tea with it

I promise you will feel sick as a dog - in no time!

Carbonated tea?
Seemed like a great idea at the time.
Who knows. Maybe it will catch on.
It has a good effect, at least!

These things seem like a much better idea....

A hamburger patty for lunch
Mrs Dash all over the place here

Makes alot of grease - over 60 grams here
(by weight.)  That's alot of fat!
I'm thinking about revamping my food plan.
I've always said it wasn't Atkins *per se*
Because with out my trusty gallbladder,
I can't "do" the fats as easily....

I've been spending the past few days in a building that has no heat....
It says it's set for 80, but that is a lie. It's more like 60.
At least we are not in the wind - like so many people are!

Hope your day is going great!
And lot of warm happy thoughts to you!
Happy, from the bottom of my heart.
That kind of happy. 


  1. goodlordyoumakemesmile.

  2. Um, did you just moon us? As if poking us wasn't enough, now you moon us. They say if you buy your Monster by the pallet it is more cost effective. Not sure who 'they' are, but they said it, not me.

  3. Where do you get all those gadgets!

  4. Patrick - just the dark side of the moon.
    Annie - that's my patient care thermometer!
    It's an infrared temporal scanner.....

  5. Brrrr! I'll take the 7up straight, thank you. And I'm working on making improvements. So thanks for the reminder.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Carbonated Tea?
    I bet it was good - and bad.
    At the same time!
    Interesting, though.
    Might just catch on, after all.
    And remember, we read it here first!

  7. No, my dear, nothing can make your butt look big anymore.

  8. Very cute post, LOL. Tea & 7 Up, sounds pretty good to me. :)

    Yikes, 62.5 inside? That's COLD!!!

  9. Ohhh, brrr, cold...sending warmth your way, Anne. I love Mrs. Dash and recommend it on everything.

  10. Oh my gosh, keep warm!! Last winter when we had no power for a few days we stayed in a hotel, but finally had to come home because we were broke. It was 55 degrees in there, and wow, I feel your pain! Bundle that tiny little booty up good :-D

    PS: Last night I made the fried cheese with balsamic reduction when I got home from work...then again today for a snack. YUMMERS! Did you find that recipe among "the motherload"? I found a few I want to try!

  11. No, actually, I left some Balsamic Vinegar out
    and it really evaporated....
    So I ate it anyways..... just sayin.....
    Then I got the idea to cook it down a bit....
    Other people on line were adding sugar.
    And I thought "What is that?" and added Splenda instead!

  12. Your Hamburger photo, interesting, same in as out.. ?

  13. Not quite, guy - different utensils!

  14. Wow that was alot of grease-I wonder how that would translate to extra cals? Hmm...

    Polar's Mom

  15. I know, right?
    I started throwing it off.....
    Damn the Ketones!
    That grease is outta there!
    60 grams of fat x 9 cal per gram = half of a day's calories right there!
    And all in fat.

  16. Even with my gallbladder intact, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to look at fat intake. Nice trick to weigh and convert the fat weight to calories... Improvements, sigh...

  17. I love the quote!


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