23 November 2010

pop muzik

Sergeant Peppers Lonely

Lady Gaga

Addicted To It


I think I love you
So what am I so afraid of?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It's a nice day for a White Wedding (cake)

Madonna:  True Blue Phase and Leather Phase

Love Green Day - For I, too am an American Idiot
Trust me when I say this...

Under A Bridge

Toxic - "Leave Brittany Alone" Phase!

Wake me up ... before you Go Go

New York New York
Happy America Day

Thanks again, Loretta
for letting me doodle along side of ya
on Toon Tuesday!
(Loretta is a true pro - mine is just doodle)

Mine is fun, but just silly doodle. 
Kinda like how I've spent 
(read as: squandered) every waking minute
of my life in the past year
up til this very day.

Hope your day is great!
And Healthy and Happy!


  1. I want that van!


  2. Brilliant! The Robert Palmer one made me laugh right out loud. Great way to start my day. Thank you, Anne.

  3. the low carb blogger AKA doodle Queen!!

  4. As always- you are so creative!!

  5. The thing is, your doodling makes sense. It incorporates humor and the subject of weight loss is heavy. Get it?

  6. Thanks, for dropping by, Anne. I'm happy to return the favor. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day. :)

  7. Now I can't get that song out of my head. Where is the flock of seagulls ? *smile*

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHLxowa0-T0 found the video though for Pop Muzik :)

    I love your doodle Tuesdays, such a great job on all the pictures!!!!

  8. The Partridge Family gets my vote too!

    Thanks Roxie for the heads up on the Robert Palmer one. I missed it the
    first time around.

  9. If your diet is as colorful as your doddles then you are eating way more fun than I am... Using resistance bands to hunt deer, you may be on to something. Use them like a big sling shot, save allot of $ on bullets.

  10. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for stopping by. Your doodles are great fun! Thanks for sharing. I'll be checking in again and following.

  11. Had me a Partridge once...I was a bad boy... Happy Turkey day !!!

  12. OMIGOSH, SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And brilliant. My faves: Billy Idol, Partridge Fam (I had an insane crush on David Cassidy as a wee girl), "Choose Again" (SNARF!!!), and Cyndi. Took me a while to get the Robert Palmer, then I giggled. I am an official fan of the TripperDoodles.

  13. Your doodles are pretty darn good to me! Your choice of colors is perfect and your sense of humor always shows through.
    Happy Thanksgiving Anne H. I'm thankful for friends like you-- And I'm especially thankful I can say we're blog and real life friends too.
    xo jj

  14. I much enjoy your doodles. They're quite good. They have soul. That's all it takes to be art. :)I was a big Billy Idol freak in the day. You captured his likeness very well.

    I, too, am an American Idiot.

  15. At least your doodles look like things. Mine, not so much. Keep them coming and also thanks for stopping by. I love it when you give me words of wisdom. Keep them coming.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  16. Cute! Especially Billy Idol. :)

  17. Anne - i just love your art ! { one cant help wondering what other talents you`ve got hidden up your sleeve}

    I used to hate pop music when i my kids were teenagers - used to call it pop noisic ... tee hee xoxoxooxox

  18. I love them all - how do you choose just one, or even two, as a favorite one?

  19. LOVE your doodles. "Leave Brittany Alone!" hahaha! :) They all are great!

    But what's this... squandered? NO WAY!


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