09 November 2010

3 little pigs

Once there were 3 little pigs
They lived in merriment and happiness,
Frolicking amongst the candy isles and fast food joints and fatty blogs.

They all three built little houses.
Each according to what they loved and honored and cherished the most.
Think of the houses as extensions of each little pig's thoughts...

First little pig built her flimsy little house out of straw.
Funny, but she put the same amount of effort into it,
as if it were a "real" house...
Drugs, and cokes and dogs and kats, and all things phat.  
Shortcuts and Fantasy. The ego trap!

This path is not easy.. but it doesn't have to be impossible!
Wishing, working hard for a while, then quitting in a huff
When it got a little too freaking "real" for her liking.

Skipping meals, sleeping late, not really trying, not really caring....
So when the freaking Wolf came, this little Oinker 
ran out the back door to her Sister Pigs house. 
Cuz, at the end of the day, Pig #1 was nobody's fool. 

Now, Sister Pig #2 was a middle child.
And middle-of-the-way kinda cat, all the way around.
Not really skinny, not really fat.
Not happy, not sad.... just getting through each day.
Not fast, not slow... just half-fast.... 
(say it fast...)

Kinda a "Let's not rock the boat" kinda pig.
But like something was missing right in the center of her life.

Her house was made from sticks. 
Not Stick-To-It Sticks, though.
More like "Stuck" Sticks.

Maybe, Baby...
Maybe she worked -out.... maybe she didn't....
Maybe she ate right - she knew how, for sure....
Maybe she just had cake that day!

But when the wolf came a-knocking, as Big Bad Wolves do,
She and her Sister RAN like Greased Lightening out the back door -
To avoid bodily injury at the hands -   er uh... paws of the wolf.

And they ran to the 3rd Sister Pig's house.
(Pigz? Pigg-zez-ez?)
Whatever! They know what's what in the story!

Now 3rd Sister Pig is the one who built her house out of bricks.
Stronger than straws, and sticks combined.

You could even say that 
she's mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out...
Cuz she's a Brick....(wait for it) ... House!

Her MO was strong.... she made time for working out - 
even on days she didn't "feel" like it. Said she:
"Of COURSE I would rather stay in bed, DUH!
But I've got a house to build. And it's not going to build itself!"

Spoken like a true blonde!

So she got busy with getting busy.
"BY GOLLY!" 3rd pig exclaimed - "I only want to do this ONCE!"
Weight loss is MUCH too hard to let slip once you get it.

She made herself accountable, on account of her real desire to change.
And by change, she means, to not be the same as she was before.

She wanted McDonald's.  But instead she went home and made a salad.

She wanted Twinkies.. But instead she went home and made a wrap.

She wanted to sleep in. But instead she got up 
and put one foot in front of the other
until the clock timer thing said "bing" 
and she was all sweaty and hottie and ready for the day.

And the world kept doing what it did best....
Turning - Cuz that's what worlds do...

"This crapola SUX and it's boring!" - the sisters cried in unison!
"Besides that, it's just not fair!" 
*Stamps little cloven-hoof*

"True Dat" - answered the Wiser, Brick-House-Building Sister Pig.
"But right now that's all I got!"
(And it's all good!)

A Splenda time was had by all!

The End - or IS it?

Many thanks to Loretta ,
who allows me to play along 
with toons on Toon Tuesday.

All pics here done by me,
on my Cell Phone. Thanks for reading!
Hope your week is wickedly great!


  1. Oh, I've been all of those piggies. Happy to find myself in the third one's state of mind right now and hope to stay there. Sure it sucks sometimes and it can be boring and it's so not fair, but it sure feels better than any of the alternatives.

  2. Me too, been all three!
    You did these on a cell phone??!! How fun... and teensy. :-D


  3. Very cool, Anne. You are so creative!

  4. Love it...reminded me of my Grand mother. When I was younger and wanted her to read me a story she would always say it's better to make up your own bedtime stories. I can't tell you how many times I did remakes of the three little pigs :@)

  5. you said it pretty cool...YOU are an ar-tiste!

  6. Proof positive, that someone in Texas can talk pigs and NOT be thinking BBQ ...


  7. The was just darn plain amazing. I loved your story. So great. So inspirational too. Oh I'm in love with your post today.
    Thanks for sharing and working so hard on such a tiny screen to share with us.
    Take care and have a blessed day today.

  8. i have been all three, great job, have a fab day.

  9. Charming. I love your art, and the story is awesome - you should be published!

  10. Splenda-id! What kind of magical cell phone is it that is such a tool for your creativity?

  11. Ok I know I have said that a previous number of your blogs were the bestest ever...but this one is really the bestest of the best! It can't be outdone it just can't!

    You are so On Courseand I have learned to laugh harder than I ever knew I could...this is the greatest weightloss program one could wish for; weightloss of the Mind :)

    Thanks dear friend and thanks to all who comment too...the comments are just as inspirational.

  12. First visit here and I'm jumping for joy just admiring your illustrations and smiling from ear to ear as I read.

    Great blog.


  13. I've got you on my Favorite Blogs gadget!


  14. that was adorable...and I often stamp my lil cloven hooves!

  15. Love the story... and I know I'm guilty of all these!

  16. :) :) :)

    All three
    in one

    Wickedly great!


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