16 November 2010

dei spa

Hmmm. Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Wonder what's there?

I'm a wee bit tired.
All this hiking, you would think I just saw
"The Sound Of Music" instead of "Wicked!"
Climb Every Mountain! 

Welcome to Buckstaff Bath House!
On BathHouse Row! (link)
Where you can be buck naked!
And it's ok.

Go in the changing area,
and put your clothes in the locker!

Come out when you are ready!
Toga is optional!

The technician said "Come out backwards, 
with your hands up over your head." 
And I said, "Well, honey -
I'm from the city - we get that alot.....
but as you can see, I have no cash on me!"

Turns out, that's how they wrap you up in the toga!
My bad! Too much "Law and Order," I guess...

First, a Mineral Water Whirlpool
104 F for 20 minutes!

Then a Sitz Bath
A wee little bit hotter
IF you know what I mean
AND I think you do!

A little steam closet thing.
Looked like I Love Lucy.
My head barely stuck out the top
I was a (LoCarb) noodle by then, anyways....

Then a loofa rubdown, and massage -
Which I opted out of - cuz I'm none too smart
When it comes to trying new things!
Maybe next time!

All the while, they provide little cups of Mineral Water
You tend to sweat alot, even if you don't notice it

Hot hot wraps on a chilling table

Finish with a "Needle Shower"
"Surround-Sound" jets of water
wash away the "sweat and impurities"

Ready to drive on, cleansed and refreshed!

Turns out, water didn't melt me!
And no houses fell on me, either!

Thank Goodness!
The whole uber-wonderful experience was over an hour long
And was around $30 - Wow!!
Walk -in.... no appointment needed!
Massage and the works were about $50 ish...

No cameras or cell phones, so I drew it for us!

These "duh" signs were all over Little Rock!
And on the way to Hot Springs 

A picture of me making an Art Doodles!
Sorry it's so dark.... my Smart Phone has a
privacy screen and it's hard to photograph....
But this is how it is actually done.... silly, eh?

Hope Your Day Is A+ + + !!

Thanks for reading!
And thanks to Loretta (link)
 - awesome blogger that she is -
...and real artist...
for letting me play along on Toon Tuesday!


  1. That all sounds so awesome and your drawings are FABULOUS!!!! I'll admit, I'm a bit jealous of all that pampering but what a wonderful treat for you!
    xo jj

  2. It's the best kept secret in the Ozarks -
    Since it was my fist time,
    I got the "intro" package....
    NEXT time, I'm gonna "step it on out," eh?

  3. I love these drawings, Anne! Hehehehe.
    Oh, and please tell Santa Anne I've been very very good.

  4. G;ad to see you are continuing to be adventurous ..... with your drawings, I'm enjoying your trip.

  5. Thanks for the link, what a cool place. I love hot springs.

  6. Awesome trip. That sounds and looks like so much fun. You inspire me to get out and enjoy my life a bit more than I ordinarily do. :)

  7. Back out with your hands up in the air... had me howling in laughter!!

    Sounds like a totally refreshing time.
    Cameras?? Pfffttt! Who needs 'em when you can doodle, LOL!


  8. Id say Im jealous (which I kinda am) but Im more happy for YOU for the spa'xperience.

    I am jealous of
    your mad drawing skillz.

    I wouldnt even know where to begin....

  9. Ditto Mizfit!!
    I need to check out a day spa!
    You are the doodle queen!!

  10. So freakin' fun, lady! You crack me up! I'm with you on the massage, though. I wonder if I'll ever be comfortable enough with myself to do that. We'll see.

    Off to check out Loretta's art...have a great Tuesday!

  11. I feel more relaxed just reading about it! Nice price too. Seriously, how do you find these places?!

    Loving the doodles.

  12. What a fun time for you!! And I love your doodles as well! Keep on truckin'!

  13. $30 bucks for all of that?!? Wow! Sounds like a great experience, and I'm chiming in to say that I love your doodle art, lady! :)

  14. This post/pics had me smiling! What a great adventure.

  15. I'm just jealous you fit into a toga. I think I'd want to come out face forward, so the more important parts were covered at least. But hey, I'm an optimist. The towel isn't half gone, but half there! LOL

    Sounds like fun, Anne. Next time, say yes to te loofa and your skin will glow.

    What is next on this relaxing day?! I like your style of vacation. And so, I'm living vicariously through you.

  16. Buck naked. Okay. Your drawings are your signature now. These are truly great.

  17. A row of bath houses...I guess they had to get creative with the name;
    "Buckstaff"...what were the other bath houses called? You sure do your homework and find the best deals in town. Good for you! Next time the loofah and massage you deserve it!

    The drawings are a great way to tell a story. Loving toon Tuesdays :)

  18. I want to go there right this minute. Sounds heavenly...I'd get the massage though.:)

  19. I feel like i've been tagging along on your vacation :) And i seriously need to get a massage soon, my leg muscles are really tight!
    Love your art work :)

  20. Love the artwork- sounds like Anne is having a blast!

  21. Wow- I've got to check that place out!

  22. You crack me up :)
    Sounds like you had a great day! Nice and relaxing!
    Love the pictures!

  23. I just love your doodle Tuesdays even if I didn't make it here yesterday. Wow all that for $30 wish I could run right over though coming out backwards with my butt hanging LOW isn't really for me lol. Glad you enjoyed it, was fun following along

  24. These have a bold and original attitude about them, Carb Tripper, and I think they are simple but tell a wonderfully complex story!

  25. Hi Anne, these drawings are wonderful. With which tool have made them? Do you know "La Linea"? Best wishes from Berlin, Barbara (Isa Palstek on fb. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skb2gKR7rOk


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