06 November 2010

obesity manor

Welcome to your new home!
The staff and I are certain 
you will enjoy your new accommodations!

Each room has all the comforts of home.
We're very proud of our facility!

You can make new friends here - 
We are all one "big," happy family!
With plenty of activities planned every day.

Plush, inviting, bariatric sized beds
with special mattresses - if you should need one

Right through these doors - are the vending machines
If you need - or want - a snack, when our kitchen is closed

Just a little extra insulin is all ya need
It's on a sliding scale - no worries!

Even a scale set up 

so you don't have to get out of the wheelchair

Too wide for the door, actually
Mind the oxygen, please!

We are truly here to help
With all your "aspirations"

Enjoy your stay - until your next ride comes


  1. Whew...
    I'm shaking my head

    How can it be
    like this?

    it not be so

  2. I have never seen a wheelchair that wide, but it is good to know they exist. I often wonder how ambulances handle things in the field, because people in trouble need transport to the hospital, no matter their size.

    Lonely, sad photos, Anne.

  3. Can't imagine anyone enjoying Obesity Manor, it is as Ann says, sad and lonely looking. That gurney and wheel chair are alarming. So glad you lost all that weight and look so good.
    .........:-) hugs

  4. Ann - Alas the wheelchair is over 4 feet wide,
    and cannot fit through a door....
    And the bed - only goes to 450 pounds....
    The scales - only to 700....
    I have had patients who actually weigh outside
    on a freight scale or a dock.....
    All true stories....

  5. You must be a perfect person to work with the patients in this place. You turned your life around so now you have a better life and more healthy. So sad that the bed "only" goes to 450 pounds. Showing things like this open our eyes to how far some people get to when they give up.

  6. Oh.My.Goodness - NO!
    I am not even close to perfect, TechnoBabe.

    The names and the places have been changed
    to protect the innocent.... everything else is real!
    .... Just a routine day for a Hospice Nurse....

  7. Looks like a scary place- somewhere I don't want to ever be!

  8. You know, yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself and considering getting something fattening to eat. After reading your post, I realize, I am in a fight for my life. I do not want to end up in Obesity Manor. That craving I was feeling is gone. Thanks :)

  9. This post and your pictures continue to haunt my mind. I don't know how you can deal with it on a routine basis. Certainly your art... writing, photography, drawing... must help. Do you also have a wellspring of faith that makes it possible for you to face this kind of tragedy regularly? Thank you for giving us a gift here, a view of reality's downside.

  10. Like watching a horror movie on my DVD player, turning it off, then glancing up to realize the movie is going on all around me.


    Sometimes images say that which words cannot. Not even a thousand of 'em.

    I didn't think you were judging with this post, merely observing...descriptive not prescriptive.

    From one nurse to another, thank YOU!


  11. It makes me so sad to know that places like that are necessary!

  12. Been there, remember just being wheeled down the hall in my hospital bed because I couldn't get/fit on the gurney. Also remember waking up when I had my lithotripsy to find like 6 people in the room and realized they were there to move me. Tough memories.

  13. OK.. not been to Obesity Manor... but been obese for sure.

  14. Anne H
    Just catching up - my usual weekly rounds...
    This is ..... what can I say? This is very strong and powerful.
    This is going to stay in my mind for a long time.

  15. Holy crap. That could have been me in a few more years...dang.

  16. And me, as well....
    Nursie, Heal Thyself!


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