26 June 2018

hot hottie!

Here’s the culprit 

Breath mint, anyone?

Ramadan is over. 
But the spicy connection continues for me. 
Unfortunately, I overdid it.
And ended up doing a “soft” fast
For 48 hours. 
By “soft” I mean I had a few bites
 of cheese and salami
at the end of the day. 
Once I realized I wasn’t going 
To need an emergency appendectomy! 
Because yes. 
The spices went right through me. 
Must be Scotch Bonnets. 

Goat Bryianny  

Don’t be fooled. 
This seeming innocent salad-
was the worse part! 
I think they got my order mixed up
With someone else’s. 
I actually ordered a hamburger. 

I gave the rest of my meal away. 
To some people who are used to spices. 
The guy said his TEETH were on fire. 
Not just just tongue. 
So a lightweight like me-
I never stood a chance. 

Stepping it out
Getting ready for some hiking 

The things you’re bound to see
Whilst driving out and about ! 

So I’m down 2 pounds! 
Lol. The hard way. 

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