24 June 2018

conservation mode

Vacation mode is upon us. 
I’m filling in for cases
Rather than training a new Nurse. 

Not complaining. 
Just some long days. 

The more I worked, the slacker I became. 
But that’s not how it works. 

The more I work, the more careful I must be. 

All in a days work. 

Grain face. 
The first pic is 16 June. 
The second one is today. 

Different light. Different filters. 
But you can tell a real difference. 

I blame grains. 
Grains are grasses at the end of the day.
And we are not designed for that. 
Ruminants are. But not us. 

This is an accountability pic for me.
The weight is about the same. 
I seldom deviate from my base. 
But I look sick! 
Like something is really wrong. 

Also makes me think I’m not so cute. 
Who would want to wake up next to that? 
No one. 
That’s why I’m alone. 
But I digress.
More to come! 

By the way. 
Kimberly- I miss you! 
Please call. 

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