24 June 2018

goodbye turkey neck

Sorry to say. 
This is one of the limits
Of phone blogging. 
VLOGging is a mess. 

I have an appointment with the Genious Bar 
Next week. Fingers crossed. 

Hope the link works in the mean while !
Please enjoy. Let me know if it works! 


  1. Thanks for the video; we are close to the same age, but your neck looks far younger than mine! I think I will start these exercises.
    Can you explain the meter you use? Do you just check blood sugar?

  2. Thanks for the video! I will finish watching later (hello Monday!) but will definitely check out this Face Yoga (there are a couple of exercises in my old Richard Hittleman book, but what teenager worries about sagging skin??!!??)

  3. Thanks- and yes! I use Keto Mojo glucometer. It was actually a gift. It tests for ketones and glucose.


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