27 May 2018

still no word again

Pete came over with Chinese take out. 

We order different things 
And put everything in the middle 
So every one gets try something different. 

That’s what makes going out FUN!

If you can’t make it fun, 
Or just need to stuff your face,
You might as well stay home. 

Soapstone cleans up nice! 

My real alarm. lol. 

So Dallas’ Finest. 
Still no word on Trekkie. 
The insurance company 
Allotted 2 weeks. 
Then we go to Plan B. 

So we wait!  

This is hard to see here. 
But in bright sun, I can see
Several brown skin tags. 
That’s usually from sugar. 
My OMAD unrestricted phase probably. 
Now let’s use fasting 
To make them go away. 

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