28 May 2018

momma mia

Sashimi at Oishii’s in Oak Lawn. 

I like it more every time I have it. 
This is a Low Carb Deconstruction. 
They should name it a KetoBowl. 

Home for a spell. 

A lovely assortment of salami and cheese
For a late night snack. 

The lovely Ailsa made this for me. 
I love my Low Carb Friends! 

So the car is gone, I guess. 
This odd collection of remnants from a dream. 
Everything is temporary, I know. 
It’s good to know when -
 and how - to move on 
without too much heartache and attachment. 


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  1. We celebrated late Mother’s Day/early son’s BD last night at Fogo de Chao, the carnivore’s DREAM! It was totally awesome.


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