08 February 2010

I candy

I Heart Blogging
"I" candy?
Sweet Dreams OR
St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
at the Library
No traffic - like a dream...
Salad with Avocado

Monster w/protein
No coffee again - that's odd for me...
2 snack packs cheddar cheese
1 pack cashews
Atkins Bar
This salad when I got home
ps...didn't eat the little candies...
Threw out all the broken ones...
Broken hearts, that is...
6,993 steps at work - long day!
(I need 7 more steps)
lip dub 
Université du Québec à Montréal
video Youtube


  1. You never fail to make me smile :)

  2. Coming from you - that means alot!
    Thanks SpunkySuzi!
    and back at 'cha!

  3. Paisley and Plaid! Simply charming:-)

  4. A perfectly choreographed photo or a Valentine candy avalanche? That's what I want to know. ;-)

    Good job on the stepping, Anne!

  5. Love the video...and candy hearts....my all time favorite! None here in Germany :( probably a good thing!

  6. JP - Those steps were just there for the taking!
    So I took them!

    Anonymous - Thanks!
    Not too many people "get" my style of decor.

    Frau - Drat der luck on that one, eh?
    When I was in Germany, I lived on the Army Base....
    so LOTS of American stuff.
    We had to venture out to get the good stuff!

  7. Love, love, love the pictures!! Very inventive, but then I expect no less from you. You make me laugh, then think, then laugh again. Thanks for the lift today. :)

  8. love the pics hate those candies like flavored tums, the are...

  9. Love your photo essay. Especially the dreams or massacre. LOL Fabulous. You have the most wonderful sense of humor. No traffic is like heaven.

  10. VRaz, AntGirl - thanks r/t the pics!
    Carlos - glad to see you around the blogs, guy!
    I thought they were Tums!

  11. Hi Anne, I'm just catching up. LOVE the pics!

    I can't say I've ever actually eaten one of those candies but they're so fun to read!

    Hope your week is going good.

  12. JJ
    They have "new" ones now that say - "Text Me"
    "My Boo"
    "Tweet Me"
    "U R Hot"
    ...ya know, stuff like that!
    "U Rock"


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