19 February 2010

avenue q

Is it just me, 
or does anyone else notice a "Cheshire Cat" in the tree?
I always stop if there's a cloud, or park, or bridge
that wants to have its picture taken

Monster w/ protein x2
(way too much caffeine today!)
Now I have a "Monster" headache
Atkins bar x2
Salad w/tuna, eggs, nuts, dressing
Water, coffee, creatine.

Inspired by Spandex...
Lip sinking in the truck again...
Broadway Musicals
"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today"
from Avenue Q


  1. Thanks SheZug, & Fiona!
    Way Way Way too much Monster drink today.
    A lesson learned? Nah!

  2. Anne, rofl, I swear you should be a comedian, this was great stuff. you put your whole heart into it. hugs to you. now we know why the size 12s fit. lol. Have a great weekend.

  3. Maybe I won't wear underwear today. :)

    As always, you are too cool!

  4. Funny lady! I love the lip synching, but just curious...How is your actual singing?

  5. Graciela -Interesting question.
    My actual singing is not good-not bad.
    Probably like my actual voice.
    And my actual so-called life!
    Cinner, Tena *hehehe* thanks!

  6. I'm not sure about the Cheshire Cat... More like my Big Baby Jasmine...

  7. I can kinda see the Cheshire Cat thing, but I love the video!! Can I now call you Commando Anne?

  8. Pug Lady - That all depends on who is asking!
    Signed, Commando in Texas

  9. And by the way, I wear underwear every day.
    Sheesh! Some people are so touchy!
    The question is, do you, or don't you, with Spandex?
    The votes are split down the middle, so to speak.


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