24 January 2010

rusty cage

shadow art
Very bad day today, actually...

I Need A Fix Cuz I'm Going Down
Why Don't We Do It In The Road
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"Rusty Cage"


  1. ✳sigh✳
    This must be the hard part...

  2. "hugs" hope this passes quickly!

  3. Love the picture, very funny! I sometimes feel as if I should be locked up too. This picture says it all.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog...

    Hang in there! It will get better. We can't be perfect (and shouldn't even try). Hugs!

  4. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again!!! Make tomorrow a better day! You can do it Anneh. ( I have a social engagement today. Gulp. Taking kosher hotdogs, pork rinds, and brie to fight the fried foods and potatoe salad! (Vikings, prepare to meet your doom) lol

  5. Looking on the bright side, you could FIT in that cage (or any other small space)!

  6. You look so little in that cage! Hope you have a better, less caged, day.

  7. :( Sorry. Hope your day is better. I hate bad days. Guess that's why they're called "bad."

    Nice cage. What did you do to be put in the dog house?

  8. Oh dear oh dear! Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow. And yes, I'm very impressed that you fit in that cage!

  9. Here's hoping your day improves and your week is wonderful.

    The cage picture is a hoot.

    I take my hat off to you. I could never set the camera on my timer and be able to get into that cage before the pic was taken :-)

    Hang in there!

  10. I FIT in the cage just fine, it seems!
    But the real cage - the other cage - the one in my mind--
    THAT one is getting a little cramped.
    That's why I had to let it all go...
    there's only room inside for one, as they say!
    Shoo - go! You're free - fly fly fly!

  11. I've always been told it's better to be cagey than to be caged. That's but one of the peculiar pearls of wisdom people have passed on to me.

    I wish you a better day tomorrow, Anne. Heck, I'm hoping for the same thing on this end too.

  12. And Harry/JP - I want the same thing for you!
    Cagey, indeed!
    Off to have a spot o' tea and go to bed....
    and stare at the effing ceiling for about 6 hours.....
    you know, just like always!
    At least the tea is good!

  13. Hey there Anne , I loved the pic with you in the cage. I would still be in trying to get out. I have been up all night. damn insomnia or maybe its the party going on in my mind....how did you say that shoo, go away...Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I did my journal book and got everything ready for me to eat tomorrow. So like I said here is to a better day. Be well.

  14. Since I put myself INTO the cage -
    I can get myself OUT from the cage...
    Trouble is, I seem to have forgotten how.
    IMMURED, as it were, by my own thoughts.


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