16 January 2010

oh, johnny!

This is me, lip*sinking with my new Flip HD.
Never has there been such a waste of HD.
Or not. Nothing profound; just something silly.
Driving in the rain to the World War II song "Oh, Johnny!"
 (by Orrin Tucker and Wee Bonnie Baker!)

I have a huge spider bite on the back of my calf.
Must have gotten it at a patient's house.
Still got in 5774 steps yesterday.

Cutting back on all stimulants
*guarana, coffee, etc*
now that I don't drive around any more.
My Monster Energy Drink is being
replaced with Fresca or some other thing
to go with the protein mix.
Still good.
Ah, the Corporate Life!
One last drive - 
the end of an era?
There goes Santa Clause ('bout time!)
The weather last night and today..
Rainy and Cozy!

One of the best film segments of all time:
from YouTube
"I'm Gonna Git You Sucka"
Meet Cherry
Who hasn't done that?
"I feel so much better -
I know you do too!"
Don't make me hop after you!


  1. Now I am certain that I'll never get another date again!
    They might be afraid that I'll bust out singing!
    Tsk! Tsk!

  2. No coffee? (Gasps.) That's a nasty looking bite. Ouch!

  3. Life without java???? *shuddering*

    Another brave move on the part of Anneh, keto-warrior!

  4. Anne - that spider bite...yikes. No, YIKES!!! Did you get a colleague to look at it for you? I've seen these things go from bad to unbelievably nasty.

  5. Oh Anne-- What talent you have. You've been holding out on us. I LOVE the singing video. You look like you are having a total blast!

    Sorry about that bite. OMG! That looks like it hurts :-(

    I'm going to have to rent "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka". It looks like a fun Saturday night popcorn movie.

    Keep singing in the rain!

  6. Singin' in the Rain! Too bad you're driving or you could bust a move in the water filled streets. Love the song, but the bite looks way far nasty. Hope you've had it looked at.

  7. About the bite, please be on the lookout for MRSA. Wildfire, it is.

  8. Yes Anonymous, and thank you...
    As a Nurse, I know alot about MRSA.
    And the stimulant thing- not cutting them out -
    just cutting back!
    I had turned into quite the "coffee queen" these past few months.
    Coffee for breakfast, Monster Energy Drink for lunch,
    Advil for dinner. My bad!

  9. OMG.;.. I love the lip-sync and congrats on the Flip... I know I love mine. You are a cool one there... Thanks for being such a supporter on our blog, and for the words of strength to Sunny Girl!


  10. Do you think there might be a connection between cutting back on coffee and the spider bite? I haven't had any arachnid bites lately. Coincidence? I think not! :-)

    Seriously though. Do take care of that wound, Anne! Please treat yourself at least as well as any of your patients!

    Good job on the stepping! 65 + pounds down too! Fantastico!

  11. Oh yeah, Don - the Low Carb People stick together, eh?
    And JP, you might be right - I'm off to find a Barista!

  12. I apologize if I offended thee with the MRSA warning... I did forget that you were a nurse, but please know that there are way too many medical persons who do not know much about it or dismiss its seriousness.

  13. Dear Anonymous!
    No, no, never in million years could you offend me!
    It's all good!
    And you are right - way to many nurses don't
    understand or appreciate the seriousness of MRSA.
    In October, I myself had H1N1 - in part because I thought I was immune to such simple and common things!
    I learned my lesson!

  14. Anne, how did I miss all of this, jeeze louissseeze.

  15. Cinner - I know, right?
    I know the video is silly, but it beats crying all day!

  16. I never enjoyed a video like I enjoyed "Oh Johnny!"....That was soooo cool. You have some killer dimples, woman!! Smile can light up Las Vegas!

  17. You have nudged me into getting a H1N1 vaccine--did it today.


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