17 October 2017

out of gas

Going from Portland to Boston, we drove down the coast.
And just stopped wherever we saw fit!
It was such a healing trip!

I came home to resume my duties as a Home Health Nurse
And a patient is sitting there, eating ice cream!
In the middle of my Diabetic Teaching!
I just realized "That Was Enough."

Went to fix the lawn mower. 
Three guys said it wouldn't start.
Guess What?
No Gas. 
How could 3 so-called experts miss this?

Enough enough enough !
So I changed. Right then and there.

Life is never easy.
But simple? Maybe it could be more simple.

My Blood Glucose numbers were still high 
Even after having a Zero Carb meal.
Must be the protein. 
And cortisol from caffeine . 

Whilst fasting my numbers are much better - with no spike.
Bound to be much better for my h A1C.

Think about this.
If you eat 3 meals a day, and your BG rises for 2 hours PP,
You might be spending any where from 6 to 9 hours a day (or more)
With a high BG reading. 
Even though you are strict LC.

Good sleep is so important. 
I bought a new mattress... 
I was liking sleeping on Memory Foam.
So I went back to that.

So think about the money and time I save by fasting.

Shopping for food, prepping food, cooking food,
Eating food, cleaning up after meals,
One meal a day skipped would save like 2 hours -

And the money! 
Although I am not fasting to save money or time.
I am doing to reset something in my body 
That needs a break for heavy food.

So far, so good!
I find fasting to be very compatible with my needs for now.

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