24 October 2017

gym time

So I went back to the gym 
Planet Fitness

This bike has no middle bar 
And I can actually do it!

This treadmill went really slow.
BUT,  I did it!
Also did arm weights and some ball lifting.
Not just isolated joints and movement machines.

The Snake Diet found me at 
Just the right time! (link)
I was ready to do some fasting.
I have already been doing Intermittent Fasting.
But it just wasn't enough.

I was so dizzy and weak this summer, 
I was not getting enough electrolytes....
And drank so damn much water, 
I was flushing my existing electrolytes out!
Lose/ lose. 
But no more!

My Blood Glucose numbers are down.. and normal.
Even with fasting... which is a sign of healing.
My fist few fasting attempts raised my BG
Into the 130 range. Hmmmm.

I have more energy for walks with my patients 

This is Crazy Water compared to Evian 

I bought 10 gallons in Mineral Wells the other day.

I have been fasting since Friday. 
That will be 96 hours from when I break the fast. 

I am at 156 today. Down 14 pounds this month. 
About one pound out from before I broke my leg!
I feel so good, I am going to keep at it!
I know its time to break the fast. 
I'm cold inside, and need a sweater!

Snake On! 

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