18 August 2017

work all day

The kittens are all Raw Food now.
They hardly have canned food.
They have access to dry food -
The kind with no grains or fillers, etc.
But they rarely go there

I am finally able to tolerate my hair being long enough 
To grow out - just a bit

Would you believe ANOTHER wreck?
I was sitting there, at a dead stop, 
And got rear -ended.

But Trekkie is as good as new. 
The fine people at EARTH collision even detailed her. 

The rental car had a flat tire. 
Enterprise fixed me right up.
Thank Goodness

So much beauty I see every day in my driving.

So much water. 
I try to drink  THIS much a day.

Sweet Potato Vines.
One of my faves.

Lots of prepping.
Lots of Instant Pot

Many Salads. 

Cold protein when it's too hot to cook

And me!
At work with a cute little kid.
I have two jobs now.... again....
I do the "baby" on the weekend,
And home health 3 days a week.
What's different about this job is
1) Easier software
2) Closer to home
3) A Fresh Start

I don't use a cane (much) and
Don't have any situation that impedes me
And I'm not on pain meds
And I don't have to drive an hour (each way) 
To get to work.
So yeah.

Up till now, in my career, I have only had 3 jobs.
NOW, I have had 3 jobs in 3 years.
Times - they are a*changing
Already changed.
And I'm pretty sure it for the best!

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  1. I was just thinking about you and your Trekkie. Thinking about getting one myself when it's time to trade my ole Tucson in.


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